Photo Tutorials

Learn how to make bracelets, lanyards, creatures, and more!

These printable instructions are easy to follow and allow you to work at your own pace. Ideal for working in groups! These instructions can be easily shared on screen or print. 

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Crisscrossed Solomon Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

Crisscrossed Solomon Bracelet

One little strand can go a long way! Adding this accent cord transforms a traditional Cobra into the Crisscrossed Solomon!

Curling Millipede Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

Curling Millipede Bracelet

Have some fun with your paracord with this Curling Millipede bracelet!

Dragons Tongue Paracord bracelet tutorial

Dragons Tongue Bracelet

If the cobra is just too thin and the Trilobite is too thick, the answer is Dragon's Tongue! This bracelet is a fun weave to show your team spirit.

EMS Solomon bracelet tutorial

EMS Bracelet

Click here to learn how to add a 3rd color to the Cobra weave! In this pictorial you will learn how to create this bracelet as a Thin Blue Line for a police officer or an EMS.

Shark Jawbone paracord bracelet tutorial

Shark Jawbone Bracelet

Inspired by the teeth of the ocean dwellers, this Shark Jawbone bracelet is sure to impress. 

Slithering Snake Paracord Bracelet tutorial

Slithering Snake Bracelet

The Slithering Snake is a neat bracelet that is perfect for Halloween or for everyday wear.

How to make a paracord Trilobite bracelet

Trilobite Bracelet

If you're looking for a thicker bracelet than the Cobra, the Trilobite is for you! The Trilobite bracelet is a fun bracelet in one, two, or three colors.

Double Fishtail bracelet tutorial

Double Fishtail Bracelet

Click here to learn how to add a 2nd color the Fishtail!

Rainbow Solomon paracord bracelet photo tutorial

Rainbow Bracelet

Take the traditional cobra up a notch with the Rainbow Cobra Bracelet! These small stripes can make a big impact.

Thin Blue Line Paracord Bracelet

Thin Blue Line Bracelet

Click here to learn how to add a 3rd color to the Cobra weave! In this pictorial you will learn how to create this bracelet as a Thin Blue Line for a police officer or an EMS.

Wheat Stalk Bracelet

Wheat Stalk Pictorial

This unique bracelet is great with 550 Paracord or smaller paracord. Try it both ways and see which you like better!

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Learn how to incorporate an Awareness Ribbon into your Cobra bracelet. Honor your loved ones with this quick and easy bracelet. 

3 Color Cobra Belly Bracelet

Cobra Belly Bracelet

Click here to learn how to add a 3rd color the Cobra Belly! Same concept, with an added flair.


Photo tutorial for a paracord spider

Spider Paracord Pictorial

Decorate for Halloween with Paracord! Don't be scaredthis spider doesn't bite. . . much. 


Double Tatted Bar Bracelet

Double Tatted Bar Bracelet

This unique bracelet is an easy way for you to stand out from the crowd. Looks best with two colors. 


Reverse Stitched Solomon Bracelet

Reverse Stitched Solomon Bracelet

The Reverse Stitched Solomon is an easy way to jazz up the traditional cobra design.


Endless Falls Paracord Bracelet

Endless Falls Bracelet

With this weave you get a bracelet that seemingly never ends! It's a fun, easy, and dainty weave that is sure to impress.

Cross Crooked River Bar Bracelet

Cross Crooked River Bar Bracelet

This is a fun and interesting weave you won't want to miss! It can be a nice pop of color for any outfit!

Tri cobra braid bracelet

Tri Cobra Braid Bracelet

Make this fun and unique bracelet with all basics you already know! The Tri-Cobra braid is an easy bracelet to stand out.

Celtic Heart paracord bracelet

Celtic Heart Bracelet

Perfect for the lady in your life! This cute bracelet is a unique way to show your love.

Stitched Solomon Bar Bracelet

Stitched Solomon Bar Bracelet

The Stitched Solomon Bar Paracord Bracelet is an easy bracelet with a unique look! Its stitched look makes it a cool single or double color bracelet. A neat look is red and white or brown and white for baseball and football inspired bracelets.

Turks Head Paracord Coaster

Turks Head Coaster Pictorial

This Turk's Head Coaster is the perfect addition to your coffee table or you can make it round for an endless bracelet!

Diamond Knot

Diamond Knot Pictorial

This is a knot that every person who crafts with paracord should have in their back pocket! It's one of the common and easiest ways to end a bracelet when you don't use a buckle.