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Diamond Knot

Recommended materials:

  • 550 Paracord or equivalent
  • Lighter/melting tool (optional)
  • Cutting tool (optional)

Download Link:

Lanyard/Diamond Knot Tutorial PDF

Lanyard Knot page 1

Lanyard Knot page 2


  • As stated in the tutorial, pulling on the ends of this knot will not tighten it properly. You will just get a tangled mess. Have patience with it. If you feed the individual cords through, you will have a very nice lanyard knot. 
  • An alternate method of tightening is to gently pull on either end of your knot while rolling the knot in between your fingers to work out the slack. 
  • If you are putting this knot on a knife or anything else, be sure to insert the paracord through the hole of the tool before you tie the knot!
  • Once you learn this knot well, it can be tied with as little as 1 ft. of paracord. Until then, it is best to use at least 2 ft. 

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