550 Cord 100ft Hanks

Used in WWII as parachute cord for United States airborne infantry paratroopers, 550 Paracord has an impressive history. The same qualities that make it perfect for parachute suspension also make it great for many other things. Today it is still growing in popularity among survivalists, preppers, crafters, and the everyday Joe. Certified type III paracord has a tensile strength of 550 lb packed into a 4 mm diameter containing 7 inner strands. 

550 Paracord is our most popular variety of paracord because it 
offers a great balance of strength and flexibility. It has countless uses and is perfect for crafting bracelets, repairing clothing, constructing handle wraps, and for hunting, fishing, and camping.
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Use with: most of our plastic bucklesmetal shacklesbreakaway bucklescord locks

On this page you will find 100' hanks of paracord. For larger spools, click here. For shorter lengths, click here.


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