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Looping Wrap


Click here for a PDF version of this tutorial.

This handle wrap works great for flat handles that need some grip.

Before you get started, you will need:

  • paracord
  • tool to be wrapped
  • lighter
  • vice, clamp, or other method of securing tool while you wrap the handle
  1. Secure your item to be wrapped with a vice, clamp or other means. 
  2. If you want to do this with two colors, you will need to melt the ends of each color with a lighter and join them. Take your seam and put it against the upper portion of your handle. Pull both ends to other side, keeping cord taught.
  3. Wrap working ends over each other clockwise, so that each color returns to the same side it came from. 
  4. For the first pass, bring your cord back over to cover the seam where your colors meet. After this, the pattern will continue down the handle. 
  5. Twist counterclockwise again.
  6. Repeat pattern until you get to the bottom of your handle. 
  7. Tie the two colors together in a square/reef knot. Pass the ends up and over through the hole at the bottom of the handle. (If it has one)