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Why You Should Start Paracord Crafting

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Oct 4th 2019

Why Craft with Paracord

Of all the hobbies out there, why choose paracord crafting? We're glad you asked.

It's Easy to Start

I cannot think of another hobby with such low startup costs. Literally, all you need is paracord and couple of household items: a pair of scissors/knife and some kind of lighter. If you really want to, you can add in a buckle.

Paracord Crafting Supplies

After that, it's really easy to learn the techniques. Most people start off by making something simple, like a "cobra" survival bracelet and go from there.

Paracord crafting only takes as much time as you want to put into it. Whether you're busy and want the occasional relaxing hobby to get your mind off work, or you're bored with too much time on your hands, paracord crafting can fit either of those needs.

Teaches You Useful Knots

Sure, there are more "valuable" skills to acquire, like learning how to play an instrument or how to drive a manual transmission car, but arguably, knots are among some of the most basic and most useful skills to master—even in the digital age. Many a serious hang-up has found its solution in a simple knot. Paracord crafting is a fun way to learn and practice a lot of useful knots and rope techniques.

Essential paracord knots

Strengthens Your Fingers

Whether you are 5, 95, or somewhere in between, paracord crafting can be a good way to strengthen fingers and practice fine motor skills. Young kids might struggle with making tiny knots at first, but they will pick it up surprisingly fast. Knotting a bracelet may also help to strengthen fingers as part of physical therapy after an injury.

Finger workout with paracord crafting

Gives You a Useable Result

The most fun part of paracord crafting is holding the finished product in your hand. It's immensely satisfying to look at an elaborate paracord bracelet and know that you made it from scratch. Bracelets, lanyards, and keychains make fun gifts with a personal touch. In addition to that, many crafters find success in selling their work. Because a simple paracord bracelet can look complicated to weave, most people don't care to figure out how to make their own. If you make something unique and make it well, somebody somewhere will want to buy it.

simple fall colors bracelet

What are you waiting for?

At, we have a ton of free resources including tutorials, crafting tips, and inspiration. You can find it all in the Paracorner.

If you already craft with paracord, why do you do it? Share your stories in the comments

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