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How to Get Chosen for the Monday Medley

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Jan 10th 2020

How to get chosen for Monday medley

If you follow us on Facebook, you probably see a couple posts each week talking about the "Monday Medley". We love getting pictures from our customers and fans. Monday Medley is our weekly showcase of the cool pictures you all send our way!

If you've been submitting pictures and feel like you aren't getting noticed, there are a couple of things you can do to stand out and be considered for our weekly collage.

If you haven't heard of our Monday Medley, follow us on Facebook and watch for our "Submit" posts each Thursday.


The content of your submissions should be centered around paracord and/or knotting that is your own work. Really, anything goes. We've seen everything from bracelets, to horse halters, to space nets, to life-sized woolly mammoth sculptures, all made out of paracord!

paracord woolly mammoth and woven chair
LEFT: Warren Schoedel's "Shagatha" RIGHT: A chair woven by TreeNet Willy

Don't let your skill level be a reason to not send us your pictures. No matter what level of paracord crafter you are, we want to give you the opportunity to have your work featured occasionally. We obviously love showcasing large works of art that must have taken hours—or even days—to complete, but we also want to encourage the beginner crafter and everyone in between.

Simple bracelet


The way you compose pictures of your creation may be the single biggest factor in whether or not your images are chosen for the Monday Medley. The best images will have the subject in-focus near the middle of the picture with minimal watermarking or text. Here's why that is:

Our Monday Medley posts are laid out in a collage like this. Facebook only lets us upload a certain image size, so each individual photo ends up being pretty small.

collage example
collage example

Because of this, the subject of the photo needs to be really clear. Make sure we can see as much of your project in the photo as possible. A complete, in-focus image will get chosen more often than a blurry or partial one. Solid color backgrounds will also help your creation stand out.

Collage pictures of your own are a great way to showcase creations on your own Facebook page, but they unfortunately don't work well for the Monday Medley. When we crop your collage down to a single image, that image is usually pretty small. Enlarging it makes it fuzzy, resulting in the finer details of your project going unnoticed.

Watermark example
Example of a watermark

The same can be said of watermarks. Watermarks are logos or text, sometimes partially transparent, that cover a large portion of the image. On your own pages, watermarks make sense—you don't want your images to be stolen after all. When you send us images for the Monday Medley, watermarks are unnecessary.

We attribute all our submissions. (If we miss one, be sure to kindly let us know!) If you are worried about someone stealing your images, feel free to private message us on Facebook with your submission, so no one can steal the high-quality image you send us in a public comment.

Hope all that information puts you on the right track to getting discovered on our Monday Medley. Keep Creating!

For more basic photography tips, check out our blog post on Tips for Photographing Your Paracord Projects.

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