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Back to School Paracord Necessities

Posted by Lauri on Aug 4th 2017

Back to School Paracord Necessities

It's that time of year again - new shoes, new pants, new crayons and books. Back to school season has arrived! Some may be excited, while other might not be quite as enthusiastic.

Back to school to me meant school shopping and tennis. I loved those aspects! But I wasn't excited about waking up early, riding the bus, and sitting in a classroom all day. 

However, I always did enjoy using my new school supplies. There are many  school essentials that kids and teachers need, unfortunately that doesn't dull the pain of missing summertime freedom. One thing that can perk up you crafters out there is treating yourself or your kids to these paracord back to school necessities {or par-necessities if you will}.

We're going to start this out with one of my favorites - the Infinity Paracord Bracelet

This is one is especially fun to do because the bracelet is actually two halves so you can create 4 matching halves and mix and match with yourself or a friend! 

It wouldn't be back to school without a new book. If you're wanting to create some different things than bracelets, try the  Paracord Critters: Animal Shaped Knots & Ties by JD of Tying It All Together. You'll get very detailed instructions for 12 different animals. Perfect for decorating your desk, classroom, or for rainy days. 

Paracord Critters for back to school blog<

Are you leaving a little pup at home while you're back at school? Give them some love with a new  paracord dog collar. They'll surely miss having you around and a new collar is the perfect way to show you care. 

Paracord Dog Collars

The air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing colors, and you'll soon have to wear a sweater when you step outside. What better way to get in the back to school spirit than with some paracord crafting with the  Autumn Combo Kit. Perfect to get you excited about fall. 

Autumn Paracord Combo Kit for back to school blog

You've used one, I've used one. Jump on the bandwagon and make yourself a paracord fidget spinner! This is done with gutted 550 paracord and some hex nuts (+ the spinner). They'll keep your hands busy making and playing with it. No better way to study for a test then using this to keep your hands occupied while your brain is busy. 

Neon Rainbow 550 Paracord

Let's refer back to the fidget spinner, how awesome would it look with  Neon Rainbow paracord?! Answer: SUPER awesome. I'm a big fan of this cord so I think any weave looks almost immediately more cool and fun when you use it. It comes out different every single time. 

Neon Rainbow Paracord Projects

Don't forget to make them uniquely you! Check out a past blog on how to  personalize your back to school crafts.

What would you add to this list?

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Happy Cording, Lauri

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