Personalize your Back to School Crafts

Posted by Lauri on Aug 26th 2016

Personalize your back to school paracord crafts

When I was in elementary (and sometimes high school) it was fun to match my friends. I recall tie-dye shorts, vacation t-shirts, overalls and oversized hairpieces were all things I've matched with my girlfriends. I loved having something the same as my best friends, it made me feel part of the group. 

Now that school is starting and kids get to spend a lot more time with a lot of different friends, it can be fun for them to have matching paracord bracelets with a twist. Of course you can use the same color and same weave, but it would really bring the bracelet to the next level with personalized or sparkly accents. Here are 5 beads and charms that we have multiple colors of to make unique friendship bracelets:

#1 Rhinestone Bead

Rhinestone Bead

A sparkly way to customize paracord bracelets for the little ladies - we have these in Obsidian, Rose, Topaz, Purple, and more! See them all here.

#2 Oval Charms

Paracord Oval Charms

These Oval Charms are perfect to add to a paracord bracelet! You can add a fun  animalzodiac sign, and even medical alert charms. 

#3 Dangle Peace Sign

Dangle Peace Sign Charm

I drew peace signs all over my notebooks when I was in elementary school. This  Dangle Peace Sign is a really cool charm to add a bit of flare to their matching bracelets. We also have these in Black, Pink, Yellow, Purple, and more! 

#4 Letter Beads

Letter Beads

I don't think I even have to tell you why these letter beads are great. The ultimate personalization bead! Add a fun word to any bracelet or give each kid a bracelet with their name. The options are endless!

How have you personalized your paracord bracelets before?

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Paracord Love, Lauri

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