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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Dec 8th 2020

Paracord Gift Guide

Buying gifts for your family and friends can be difficult. Take out the guesswork with our Holiday 2020 gift guide. There's something here for everyone! Do you have any of these characters in your family?

Great Uncle Stan—Outdoor Enthusiast

He’s GREAT in more than one way. The stories he tells are larger than life—at least any that involve fish. If you can't get a hold of him on the phone, he's probably in the woods.

Paracord was made for roughing it. Buy the outdoor enthusiast in your life some of these extra durable paracord items:


We've plugged our proprietary paracord spool tool before. It's just that good! The very best way to organize up to 100ft of paracord in the bottom of a backpack.


Fish Stringers

Now here's a tool that can hold up to Stan's biggest fish stories, and that's no bull!

Fish Stringer

Mil Spec Paracord

Outdoorsmen are the most likely to push paracord to it's limit. Make sure you get cord that'll stand up to whatever you can throw it at.

Mil Spec

That ONE Aunt—Bright and Bubbly

Everything she does is over the top. She’s bright and bubbly—mostly because she's had a little too much bubbly. You’ve never seen her without a bright colored scarf and lipstick.

With over 600 colors and patterns to choose from, the color combinations are endless. Here are just a few of our absolute brightest colors:

Neon Pink

Bright pink goes with everything, right?

Neon Paracord


Yes, we know it's male birds that have the showy feathers.


Aluminum Keychain

With this bright bling, auntie can show off her love for purple and for her shi tzu all at the same time.

aluminum keychain

Rambunctious Cousin—Kid Crafter

You’re not really sure what he’s into, but you’re sure he’s hyperactive. You’d love for him to find anything at all to do instead of jumping on your back for impromptu “horsey” rides at this year’s family gathering. For Kids, an all-in-one paracord crafting kit is the perfect solution to boredom—and to nagging mom about suppertime. Recommended age 5+.

Kids Paracord Crafting Kit

Basic paracord bracelets only require some cord and a jig. Bundle those together with a instructional book and you're ready to go!

paracord bracelet kit

Children's Paracord Jig

Keep your work from sliding around with this suction cup braclet jig. Unlike our wooden jigs. This one doesn't require a screwdriver to change out buckle sizes, making it easy for the youngest of crafters.

plastic paracord jig

48 Piece Colored Pencils

Who says everything here has to be paracord? Encourage creativity with a super-sized colored pencil set!

colored pencils

Brother Boyscout—Beginner Crafter

He has to get his merit badges somehow! Anyway, you’re pretty sure he would pick up on knot tying and paracord bracelet making in a flash as soon as he has the supplies to get started.

Paracord Crafts Book

Every new hobby begins with learning how to do it. This paracord book has a great selection of beginner paracord crafts.

Paracord instructions book

10" Jig

A basic jig is helpful for any crafter to keep his work steady, but especially for beginners. These wooden jigs are as nice to look at as they are functinoal.

Paracord Bracelet Jig

Tie Dye Colors Bracelet Kit

You can also get our paracord bundled together with buckles. Tie dye colors are great for teaching beginners at summer camp!

tie dye paracord kit

Grandpa Ed—Paracord Pro

He started making things out of paracord after the war and never stopped. A little bird told you you’re getting something made out of paracord from him, so you might as well keep him supplied. You’re pretty sure he has all the basic paracord tools, so what’s next?

If you know someone who has mastered the basics and is ready for some more difficult projects, get them paracord specialty items like these:

60" Ultimate Jig

Make anything with this jig! Long enough to make belts, straps, slings, much more. Adjusts small enough to make children's bracelets.

Giant Jig

Micro 90 Cord

Add some accent colors to your 550 bracelets. Pair this with a set of fids, and you're on your way to creating a masterpiece.

micro cord

Paracord Fids

Speaking of fids, This set comes packaged in a handy case. Large fid fits 550 cord. Small for 95, Micro, and Nano. Medium for everything in-between.

paracord fid set

Families are funny, and sometimes just plain obnoxious! But we love them anyway—or at least we try. Whether you meet in person or through a phone screen this year, we at Paracord Planet wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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