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Plastic DIY Jig

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This Plastic DIY Jig will definitely assist you in making your customized paracord bracelets perfect. This jig will help hold your project in place so it is easier to make an exceptional braid. Not only will it help keep your bracelet steady, but the etched ruler on the side truly gives you flawless measurements. Not every wrist is the same size, the DIY Jig will erase the hassle of keeping your project still while you measure the length.

  • This Light, Adjustable and Well-Crafted Jigg makes crafting a breeze and great for Kids and Adults!!
  • Convenient, colorful and easy to use! You an take this anywhere! Just suction down to a non-porous surface for a strong hold to make a bracelet, necklace, keychain and more!
  • Includes 1 loom, 3 suction cups, 12 rainbow colored and patterned 550 paracord and 12 3/8" buckles
  • Expands to 12 inches making it easy to customize a bracelet to fit you no matter your wrist size! You can make extra long bracelets beyond 12 inches to create a wrap bracelet as well!


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