Wilderness Cord - Multiple Colors

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Paracord Planet's Wilderness Cord is the ultimate survival rope. With a stronger weight rating than 550 cord, and extra core strands for about any purpose, this is the cord you want with you in the wilderness. Inside is a string of waxed jute that provides waterproof kindling, a 10 lb. monofilament fishing line, a high-strength low-stretch Dyna X cord, and a super-strong high-heat resistant Nano Aramid cord that is perfect for hanging a pot over the fire or even tying up a muffler! Don't be caught without it on your next adventure or in your next emergency!



  • 4mm diameter
  • 625 lb. tensile strength
  • Inside:
    • 7 strand nylon core
    • Waxed jute
    • Monofilament fishing line
    • Dyna X
    • Nano Aramid
  • UV, rot, mold resistant
  • Made in USA


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