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Wildcats Shackle

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Experience the Legends.

The Lion

Representing Wisdom, Strength, and Courage.

Being one of the most recognized animals in human culture is no accident for the Lion. Across Europe the Lion appears as a symbol of nobility and royalty depicted in every medium available.

This theme of royalty and power makes its way into the African and Asian cultures as well. In Africa the lion is a name used in the names of a few different rulers and serves as a symbol for the top class of different social hierarchies.

The representation of power that the Lion symbolizes serves as a reminder to push through challenges, as the Lion will give us the strength to persevere.


The Tiger

Representing Justice, Cunning, and Good Luck.

The Tiger serves as a very important symbol in many Asian Cultures. Inspiring different artforms from paint and sculptures to different martial arts basing their movements off the tiger and the crane.

The symbology surrounding the tiger has many different forms depending on which culture you are looking at. In Chinese culture the Tiger is a symbol of war and is often worn by military leaders. In Korea it is a symbol of good luck and courage. It is a guardian and drives away evil spirits. And in Indian culture it represents anger.

Good Luck and Cunning are most associated with Tigers, serving as a reminder to keep your head on your shoulders.


The Jaguar

Representing Protection, Abundance, and Power.

In much of Mesoamerica, the jaguar has been depicted as a creature that is able to travel between the real world and the spirit world. It is a symbol of protection and fertility making it extremely important to the native cultures there.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when looking at what the Jaguar represents is the protection aspect. From a symbolic standpoint the jaguar represents your instincts as a reminder to follow your gut and not let outside distractions deter your path, even if that means being patient until the right moment occurs.


Popular Uses

  • Paracord Bracelets
  • Fashion Crafting
  • Costume Design


  • Vacuum Casted Metal
  • Material: Nickel Silver
  • Full Length: 46mm
  • Head Width: 22mm
  • Head Length: 35mm
  • Bolt Width: 23mm
  • Width in Brackets: 15mm

*See tutorial below


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