Beasts of Legend Shackles

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Experience the Legends.

King Lycaon, The First Werewolf

“Greed is a disease capable of rotting the mortal mind."

Believing himself to be greater than the almighty god, Jupiter, Lycaon demanded to marry his daughter, Callisto. 

Outraged at Jupiter’s disapproval, Lycaon attempted to feed the mighty god a corpse as an act of defilement at the grand Lunar Feast. Seeing through the trickery, Jupiter cursed Lycaon and turned him into the very monster that Jupiter saw in his heart. A large terrifying beast whose thirst could never be satisfied.

Be careful not to lose yourself to greed, my friends. Some paths only lead one way.

This ancient paracord artifact is worn as a reminder of gratitude and inner peace. May this artifact always keep you from the temptations of greed.

Ursa Major, Prisoner of the Night

“Jealousy. The emotion that leads to irreversible actions."

No wrath and punishment will come close to that bestowed from Hera, Queen of the Heavens. 

Upon finding out about her husband’s affair with a mortal named Ursa, Hera fell into a fiery rage. Jealousy consumed her very being. What could this mortal have that she didn’t already possess?

Hera’s husband, Jupiter, had fallen in love with Ursa. He vowed to protect Ursa and their newborn child by hiding them deep in the wilderness in the form of bears. 

By listening to the secrets whispered through the wilderness, Hera uncovered the location of Ursa and her child. Now that she had them within her grasp, she threw them into the night sky where Jupiter would be reminded how he betrayed their marriage. 

Hera punished Jupiter by making him see the one he loves trapped in night sky and know that he can never hold her in his arms again.

Hera’s cruel ways and jealous nature created an eternal rift between in her marriage until the end of time.

This paracord artifact is worn as a reminder of self worth. A sense of strong self worth may come to the wearer and keep acts of jealously at bay.

Fenrir, The World Ender

“Vengeance is the clouding of the conscience. What follows can not be changed."

Born an abomination, the gods knew they couldn’t control this beast. The day that Fenrir walks the mortal earth is the day the heavens crumble. 

Ragnarök is coming. 

Horrified by this prophecy, Odin locked the young beast in the coldest pits of Helheim. Freezing, angry, and alone, Fenrir was only able to feed himself on the hatred he possessed for the gods. 

Growing to a mountainous size, Fenrir’s chains could contain him no longer. Ragnarök is here.

Vengeance is a great motivator, but you've been warned. Chaos and misery are close behind.

This paracord artifact is worn as a reminder of forgiveness and outer peace. The wearer of this wolf will have a greater time letting the past be the past. Forgive those that have wronged you and welcome a peaceful tomorrow.

Popular Uses

  • Paracord Bracelets
  • Fashion Crafting
  • Costume Design


  • Vacuum Casted Metal
  • Material: Nickel Silver
  • Full Length: 46mm
  • Head Width: 22mm
  • Head Length: 35mm
  • Bolt Width: 23mm
  • Width in Brackets: 15mm

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