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550 Paracord - Solid Colors

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 Popular Uses:

  • Survival Gear: Bracelets, belts, and emergency items.
  • Outdoor: Camping, hiking, and clothing repairs.
  • Crafting: Keychains, lanyards, and DIY projects.
  • Tactical: Military gear and tactical applications.
  • Pets: DIY dog collars and leashes.
  • Home: Repairs, bundling, and securing items.
  • Water Activities: Boating and water-resistant crafts.
  • Emergency: On-the-spot repairs for various uses.
  • Knot Tying: Practice knots and braids with manageable thickness.

What you can expect from all Paracord Planet 550 Paracord:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Type III Nylon Paracord
  • Approximately 4mm in Diameter (.16 inches)
  • 550lbs Tensile Strength
  • 32-Strand Interwoven Nylon Sheath
  • 7 Nylon Inner Strands

What is Paracord?

Paracord, commonly referred to as Parachute Cord, is a thin rope made of nylon with an inner core shielded by a woven outer sheath. It was first utilized by the military for a variety of uses requiring cordage, including suspension lines in parachutes. Over time, veterans discovered countless new applications for paracord, such as belts, fishing line, survival gear, shoe laces, and much more. One of the strongest and most reliable cords on the market is 550 Paracord.

The rope's 32-strand interwoven nylon sheath, or kernmantle, gives it a smooth texture. Seven nylon inner strands are enclosed in a robust and smooth sheath, both of which add to the cord's 550-pound tensile strength. The adaptable inner strands of paracord are an added benefit; they may be taken out if you require a more manageable yet sturdy string for a range of circumstances.

Expanding the usage of paracord even further, easily learn weaves, wraps and knots tailor made for easy unravelling in survival situations. In addition to all the utility functions paracord serves, another widespread use for paracord is crafting. Make bracelets, handle wraps, belts, lanyards, whips and hundreds of decorative items.

The Bigger You Buy, The Bigger You Save:

  • 1 Foot - $0.75
  • 10 Feet - $3.99 ($0.40 per foot) - You save $0.35 per foot
  • 25 Feet - $5.99 ($0.24 per foot) - You save $0.51 per foot
  • 50 Feet - $8.49 ($0.17 per foot) -  You save $0.58 per foot
  • 100 Feet - $13.99 ($0.14 per foot) -  You save $0.61 per foot
  • 250 Feet - $32.99 ($0.13 per foot) - You save $0.62 per foot
  • 1000 Feet - $74.99 ($0.07 per foot) - You save $0.68 per foot


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  • 5
    Great for DIY Acopian Bird Savers

    Posted by Susan Shopland on Aug 15th 2022

    Ordered this to make Bird Savers for my windows. The olive drab color blends well with the landscape and doesn't obscure my view. Product was as advertised and shipped promptly. Very satisfied.

  • 5

    Posted by Tim K on Aug 10th 2022

    I always purchase para cord from y’all. Comes in record time. I will never stop ordering from y’all. Thanks for the awesome job.

  • 5
    Paracord 550

    Posted by Mr. Dave on Jun 27th 2022

    As always, a great product! Perfect for shoe laces, knife handles and temporary clothes lines for that after-the-lightning storm damage. :)

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by David on May 29th 2022

    I would buy from this company again. Highly pleased!

  • 5
    great Product

    Posted by Jason Smith on May 22nd 2022

    All of the products you get here are amazing and fast delivery

  • 4
    Solid color 550

    Posted by Tom dupree on May 14th 2022

    Great quality cord

  • 5
    550 paracord

    Posted by Donna on May 14th 2022

    The 550 paracord is awesome. It works perfectly. It has the strength

  • 5
    Solid color parameters cord 550

    Posted by Joyce Whitehorn on Apr 22nd 2022

    I use this as drawbar closures! Very strong and these colors work beautifully.

  • 5
    Recent Purchase

    Posted by Tony Lutz on Apr 7th 2022

    I just placed my second or third order with Paracord Planet. I know when my order is placed I will receive the items in a few days. They have everything I need and I will continue to purchase all my needs thru them.

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