550 Paracord - Diamond Colors

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Choose from over 30 of our diamond patterned paracord in lengths up to 1000'! With prices starting at $2.99 + free same day shipping - Paracord Planet is the best paracord shop to buy paracord from.

What is Paracord? Paracord (also known as Parachute Cord) is a lightweight, nylon kernmantle (inner core protected by a woven outer sheath) rope originally used in the military for suspension lines in parachutes as well as many other purposes where cordage was needed. Veteran’s found thousands of other uses for paracord as time went on including fishing line, survival gear, shoe laces, belts and so much more. 550 Para cord is one of the toughest, most dependable cords available. Beyond its 550-pound tensile strength and proven durability, the added qualities of being mold, mildew, rot and UV fade resistant makes it a top of the line rope.

The smooth texture of the rope comes from the 32-strand interwoven nylon sheath (kernmantle). Encased in the strong and smooth sheath are 7 nylon inner strands, both of which contribute to the cords 550-pound tensile strength. Another bonus of paracord are the versatile inner strands – which can be removed anytime a smaller yet tough string is needed in any variety of situations such as fishing line, sutures, snares and accents just to name a few.

Expanding the usage of paracord even further, easily learn weaves, wraps and knots tailor made for easy unravelling in survival situations. In addition to all the utility functions paracord serves, another widespread use for paracord is crafting. Make bracelets, handle wraps, belts, lanyards, whips and hundreds of decorative items.

What you can expect from all Paracord Planet 550 Paracord:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Type III Nylon Paracord
  • Approximately 4mm in Diameter (.16 inches)
  • 550lbs Tensile Strength
  • 32-Strand Interwoven Nylon Sheath
  • 7 Nylon Inner Strands
  • Mold, Mildew and Rot Resistant
  • UV Fade Resistant


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  • 5
    550 PARACORD

    Posted by Ed on Nov 15th 2021

    I've bought from this company a few times and have always been very satisfied.

  • 5
    550 paracord - diamond colors

    Posted by Cece on Jun 1st 2021

    Bought an aluminum folding lawn chair from an estate sale. The webbing was deteriorating. Removed the old webbing and restrung the seat and back with paracord by following the youtube video provided. It turned out beautifully! I was impressed with how great it looks. The cord was easy to use even at long lengths of several hundred feet of double stranded cord. Just keep it laid out as long as possible without piling it up (I ran it through the length of the house and back). Comb the strands with your fingers about 3 times for 4 foot lengths while weaving to prevent bunching.

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