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Square Hot Knife - White

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Golberg has designed a small and mighty Electric Hot Knife Rope Cutter for all your rope cutting needs. This tool is the perfect addition to your crafting toolbox, and is best used for cutting rope, paracord, and more! The blade slices smoothly through rope and seals the ends for a perfect cut each time. This lightweight and compact design makes this tool easily portable for any on the go use! The blade heats up to a maximum temperature of 932 degrees Farenheit. Golberg Premium Compact Electric Hot Knife Tool Kit includes the following: Tool, Blade, Wire Brush, and Allen Wrench.


- Voltage: 120V

- Weight: 3.61 lb

- Power: 30W

- Temperature of Blade: 932 degrees Fahrenheit

- Power Cord Length: 3.93 feet

- Dimensions: 7.87 x 6.29 x 6.29 in


- Clean the blade after each use with the provided wire brush to maintain longevity

- Turn off the tool when not in use


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