Paracord Quick Lace Kit

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Want to replace your old beat-up shoe laces? Try Quick laces! These elastic cords don't require tying, and they keep your shoes always comfortably snug. Slip your shoes on and save time when heading out the door. Great for athletes, children, and seniors alike. We offer a variety of different colors to match your shoes. 

What’s included?

  • Two 48” elastic stretch cords
  • Two cord lock toggle stoppers
  • Two cord lock ends
  • Colorful step-by-step instructions for easy assembly

Quick Lace Benefits:

  • Increased safety with no more loose or untied shoe laces
  • Increased comfort as the elastic laces keep your shoe snug
  • Easy to use. No tying!
  • Easily adjusts to desired comfort level
  • Designed to fit a wide variety of different shoes




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