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Paracord Survival Kit

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Golden Rule of the Jungle - Survive

Paracord Planet presents the Paracord Survival Package. Created by our paracord experts, we are giving you the necessary tools and equipment to prepare yourself for any situation.

Package Includes:

100ft of Black 550 Paracord

Great for fastening objects, survival bracelets, bear bags, lacing footwear, and equipment repair.

3.5" Fid Needle

Fid Needles are great for paracord crafting and equipment repair. Fids will give you the upper hand to help weave your paracord through tight holes and tough materials.

Emergency Sleeping Bag

This reusable emergency sleeping bag has the ability to help you stay dry and conserve warmth in a pinch.

Bright Orange Mess Bag

This bright bag serves as a multipurpose item that can be used to store food and other survival items or be used as a flag to help grab others' attention in an emergency situation.

Paracord Survival Book

The paracord survival Book is packed full of survival tips, knotting techniques, and survival craft ideas. Quite the safe read, if you ask me.

3/4" Survival Buckle

The Paracord Planet survival buckle acts as a fastener, whistle, and fire starter all in one. A survivalist's best friend.

14-in-1 Tool Kit 

The unwindable 14-in-1 tool kit contains many hidden treasures that will help you in a tight situation. This kit includes a whistle, carabiner, fire starter, knife blade, aluminum foil, tinder cotton, fishing lines, fishing hook, weights, paracord rope, alcohol pad, safety pins, and swivels floats.


Popular Uses:
    • Camping
    • Canoeing/Kayaking
    • Hunting/Fishing
    • Snowboarding/Skiing
    • Hiking/Backpacking
    • Mountain Climbing
    • Mountain Biking
    • Road Trips