Mystery Box

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The 8th Wonder of the World has been found!

Paracord Planet presents the Mystery Box. As the name speaks for itself, the box or packet contains various sizes of 10 – 100 Feet and different color of 550 Paracord mixed to a weight of 5 pounds.

Mystery Box Contains:

  • 5 total pounds of 550 paracord
  • Various lengths ranging from 10 to 100 feet
  • Thousands of potential color combinations
  • Surprise and adventure in every box

Popular Uses:

  • Trying new colors
  • Crafting Parties
  • Gift ideas

Hurry and claim your Paracord Planet Mystery Box while supplies last!

What is Paracord?

Paracord (also known as Parachute Cord) is a lightweight, nylon kernmantle (inner core protected by a woven outer sheath) rope originally used in the military for parachute suspension lines and utility rope. Veteran’s found thousands of other uses for paracord as time went on, including fishing line, survival gear, shoe laces, belts and so much more. 550 Para cord is one of the toughest, most dependable cords available.

The smooth texture of the rope comes from the 32-strand interwoven nylon sheath. Encased in the sheath are 7 nylon inner strands, both of which contribute to the cords 550-pound tensile strength. Another bonus of paracord is these versatile inner strands that can be removed any time a narrower cordage is needed, such as fishing line, sutures, and snares.

In addition to all its utility uses, paracord is also widely used for crafting. Make bracelets, handle wraps, belts, lanyards, whips and hundreds of decorative projects from this simple sturdy rope. 

550 paracord is designed for many different applications requiring durability, compactness, and strength. In addition to emergency kits and survival use, paracord is great for clotheslines, tent rope, crafting bracelets, lanyards and more! Use paracord as a substitute for any utility cord or guy line project. Outdoorsman or not, everyone should have Paracord Planet paracord.



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  • 5
    Excellent variety of useable length and colors. Surprised how many different choices were included in the box. The boxhad reflective, neon, rainbow and other nice colors useful for all kinds of projects.

    Posted by Tom Stephenson on Sep 24th 2021

    Very satisfied with my first mystery box purchase.

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