Imperial Red Micro Cord with Reflective Tracers - 125 Feet

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Reflective Micro Cord (1.18 mm) - 125' Spool - Imperial Red This special micro cord is woven with light-reflective tracers that make it ideal for night use, a perfect addition to any emergency or survival kit! Micro cord is small but versatile with a nylon constructed outside with no inner strands. With a thickness of only 1.18 mm and 100 lb. minimum break strength, it's ideal for smaller crafting projects. Micro paracord is slightly bigger than nano cord but smaller than 275 cord and comes on a small reusable plastic spool. Available in 125' spools and a variety of colors. This paracord is perfect for a variety of practical and crafty uses: bracelets, lanyards, key chains, fishing line, handle wraps, and much more. Micro cord is also a valuable addition to any emergency survival kit and made in the USA!


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