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E-Z Gimper Stitch Starter Tool

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Whether you are a solo crafter or part of a crafting group, the Paracord Planet E-Z Gimper is an amazing addition to your toolbox. Designed with a strong focus on simplicity and ease of use, this tool allows beginners and experts alike to complete their plastic lace projects like a pro. Use the E-Z Gimper to quickly start new stitches and to assist in continuing those stitches as you create bracelets, necklaces, anklets, headbands, backpack accessories, zipper pulls, lanyards, and much more! Using the clear and well detailed provided instructions you can quickly master the E-Z Gimper and begin applying it in all your crafts. Offer one to your friends, family, students, co-workers, or any other members of your crafting groups to make crafting a blast.


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