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Which Paracord Jig Should You Buy?

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Feb 20th 2020

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So, you've decided you need a paracord bracelet jig. You want to increase your speed while keeping a high level of quality. If you operate a custom paracord business, or even if you're just an enthusiast, a jig can become your most valuable tool.

But it's not as simple as that. There are a lot of options. Which jig is right for YOUR needs? Let's look at some of the features and jigs available.

Features to Look For


Each of our jigs come with a ruler stamped along the side. This is for determining the finished length of bracelets. Watch out, though, because measurements are intended for use with the buckle attached to the jig. If you switch out buckle sizes, the stamped ruler might not accurately reflect the length of your bracelet.

jig with ruler


Simply put, the length of your jig limits the kinds of things you can make on it. To make a 40" belt, you need a jig that is 40" or longer. At the same time, bracelets are not practically made on our largest jigs.

Multiple buckle sizes

Our medium and large jigs come with multiple buckle attachments. Usually a jig with one buckle has the 3/8" variety. The larger ones add a 1/2" and a 5/8" in that order.

jig with paracord buckles


Some jigs include either an upright peg, horizontal peg, or both. This allows a bracelet without a buckle to be made on the jig. For instance, the loop from a knot-and-loop closure can be secured around a vertical peg at one end.


Our largest jigs are also the most durable. If you think your jig will get a lot of use, it might be a good idea to get one that is a little larger than your length needs. That being said, even our smallest wood jig will give you years of use when taken care of properly.

Jig Options

We carry a number of bracelet jigs with various size and functional capabilities. The right jig for you is largely going to depend on what you're going to use it for.


This jig is sufficient for kid and adult size bracelets. While it is an entry level tool, it does feature suction cups that adhere to the tabletop to keep the jig from sliding around while small hands are working. The hooks on either end accommodate a variety of buckle sizes.

10" Compact

This is our most basic wooden jig. Great for portability and lap work, it can easily be tossed in a bag to keep kids busy on road trips. You might even find you want to use it yourself! Features a single buckle that can be switched out for different sizes.

Compact bracelet jig
10" Compact Bracelet Jig

10" Pocket Pro

This is the most compact of our pro jigs. Features the ability to work on two projects at once with its unique side-by-side buckle design. This portable jig also manages to pack in attachments for both vertical and horizonal bars for making buckle-less designs. 10" is long enough to make bracelets for even the largest of wrists

14", 18", 24", and 30" Professional

These jigs include 3 buckle attachments, as well as a both a horizontal and vertical bar for buckle-less designs. The larger sizes of these jigs allow you to make things like cat and dog collars, harnesses, gun slings, and even kid size belts.

Professional jigs
Professional Jig

60" Ultimate

If you like to make a wide variety of bigger projects, this is the BEST option—as it's the most versatile. 60" is more than enough length to make belts, straps, slings, pet collars, and just about anything else. This jig is equipped with 3 buckle sizes, as well as both vertical and horizontal bar attachments for buckle-less designs. We used this jig to make an awesome guitar strap. Watch this video to learn how to make your own.

60 inch jig
60" Ultimate Jig alongside Compact Jig for size reference

While the 60" jig is not intended for making bracelets, this jig CAN accommodate small projects by flipping the sliding portion around so that the buckle ends are closer together.

If you are new to paracording or would prefer to get everything you need in one go, check out our many paracording kits with jigs included.

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