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Uses for Coreless Paracord

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on May 3rd 2019

coreless paracord

Coreless paracord is paracord with the inner strands removed. While it is not as strong as 550 paracord, it has a lot of great uses, nonetheless. To get coreless paracord you can either pull out the inner strands of 550 cord yourself, or buy coreless in our store.

The main benefit of coreless is that it lays flat. Ordinary paracord can be too bulky for some projects. Here are some great ideas for things to make with coreless paracord.

Low-Profile Bracelet

Paracord can sometimes be too bulky for a bracelet. Coreless paracord might provide a good option for those wanting a bracelet that won't get caught on things or get in the way. Coreless is much more comfortable as well.

four strand braid bracelet

Some bracelet weaves need coreless. This four-strand braid bracelet would not have the same look with ordinary paracord.

Handle Wrap

Paracord handle wraps have been very popular. One can easily store a large amount of paracord by wrapping it around a flashlight, a knife handle, a canoe paddle, or a walking stick. Handle wraps can also make nice looking decorative gifts. If the main priority for your handle wrap is for grip or looks (rather than storing cordage), coreless paracord might be what you'll want to use.

Coreless paracord works well for knife handle wraps. The flat nylon surface of coreless adds extra grip without making the handle bulky and unwieldy. Some of the more intricate and decorative patterns look especially good with coreless, such as triaxial weaves, pineapple knots, and other Turk's head knots.

Shoe Laces

Coreless paracord holds knots really well. For laces, that means your shoes will come untied less often.

Coreless paracord also looks great on shoes. With so many color varieties, you're sure to find a color that will match your favorite sneakers. If the coreless paracor section of our store does not have enough color options, you can also buy ordinary cord and remove the inner strands yourself.

paracord shoelaces cordless

Cable Sleeve

If you are into computer and game system modding, or even drone flying, paracord makes a great protective cable sleeve for computer mice cords, controller cords, and electrical wires. Theme your cables with the rest of your build by picking a matching color paracord. These projects do usually require soldering experience, but the result is totally worth it.

Globe Knots

These advanced-level knots look especially awesome when constructed from coreless paracord. The picture below is not made with coreless paracord, but it does come from a good starter tutorial for globe knots. You can find it on Instructables: How to Tie a Globe Knot.

paracord globe knot

Have you used coreless paracord before? What other uses have you found for it? Share them in the comments below!

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