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Tutorial Spotlight: Paracord Camera Wrist Strap

Posted by Brita on Oct 20th 2017

Paracord Camera Wrist Strap

Are you someone who takes a lot of photos? I've become more interested in photography as I become older - I want to preserve important memories in my life so I can look back at them. As I started to use a larger and more expensive camera, I wanted to create something that was more comfortable and stylish than my scratchy old camera neck strap. I wanted to share my creation with you all, so behold, the paracord camera wrist strap! 

This is a simple and quick tutorial, and takes hardly any materials! The materials you will need are:

- 10ft of 550 paracord. I used reflective royal blue for the tutorial, but you can use any color or pattern you like. I like to shoot photos at night, so the reflective cord comes in handy when I want to make sure I am seen by others. We have HUNDREDS of colors and patterns on our website. Check them all out here.

- Single or dual hole cord lock. I used our newest cow cord lock, but I also made other samples that use a single hole cord lock as well. I like the dual hole cord lock because it gives the cord a more secure and tight fit. I would recommend a cord lock that is thin or lays flat against your wrist, so the strap is more comfortable to wear. A round cord lock may feel bulky on your wrist.

- Object to wrap cord on. As shown in the video, you will need an object to wrap your cord around for weaving. I used a waterbottle, but you can use any round cylindrical object such as a chair leg, lamp, etc. 

- Scissors. Scissors are an important necessity for any project.

- Lighter. Again, a must have for any project! Pick one up at your local gas station or convenience store. 

Check out our tutorial on this awesome project:

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Peace, Love, and Paracord,


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