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Down and Dirty Paracord Fixes

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Jun 27th 2019

dirty paracord header

Paracord can be made into many beautiful things. Complex bracelet weaves, horse halters, figurines, and even home decorations, but that doesn't mean every paracord creation has to be beautiful in order to make it share-worthy.

Paracord is also incredibly practical. Sometimes it's the right tool for the job. Other times, it's the first tool in reach. Whatever the case may be, we want to share with you some less glamorous, but still very important paracord uses.

Let's make MacGyver proud.

Boot laces

paracord boot laces

We'll start the list off with a simple one. Paracord Shoelaces can look very nice, but they don't have to. More often it's a quick fix after an emergency break.

Waste Extender

paracord waste extender

This Reddit user used paracord to make a pair of pants fit again. Next thanksgiving simply take off your paracord bracelet, rig up your jeans, and ask them to pass the pudding.

Friction wrench

This one's a true personal story. My water softener started leaking a couple of months ago. Paracord was the only thing I could find to use as a strap wrench to tighten the valve.

Drip line

pracord drip line

A couple months later I decided my water softener was too far gone and needed to be replaced. In the meantime. A string of paracord tied around the pipe kept the water running to my floor drain. No more dumping the ice cream bucket twice a day.

This same concept can be applied to hammocking. In the rain, water can drip down your hammock straps and soak your underside. A paracord drip line redirects the flow of water and can keep you high and dry underneath your tarp. This is also called a "water break."

Flip Flop Repair

paracord sandals

Some would call this an upgrade. Turn your cheap flip flops into minimalist sandals or repair them on the fly. Original Reddit Post

Flush Lever

paracodr toilet flusher

A party's not a party until you use paracord at least once. Unfortunately, parties can be a little hard on toilets, as this Redditor found out. A length of rope tied to the interior flush mechanism saved the night.

Tarp Tie-Down

paracord tarp strap

My AC cover blew away last winter. I tied a tarp around it using paracord for a more secure fix than the original cover.

DIY Forced Air

fan hung in stairway with paracord

During the dog days of summer, you gotta do what you gotta do. This clever Paracord Galaxy customer rigged a box fan in the stairway to keep the air moving.

Grocery Keeper

String up a paracord line in your trunk with carabiners to clip to shopping bags. No more squished bread and broken eggs on the way home from the grocery store. Perfect for people with a little bit of a lead foot.

Bumper Repair

paracord bumper stitching

You didn't know paracord Kintsugi was a thing, did you. With a fix this genius, insurance money can now put to better use—like buying more paracord. Almost makes you WANT to have a fender bender... Original Paracord Galaxy Post

Do you have any down and dirty paracord fixes? It doesn't have to be pretty! Comment below or tag us on Facebook.

dirty paracord header

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