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Common Misconceptions About Paracord

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Mar 13th 2020

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With paracord, there seems to be a lot of misinformation. There are preppers that will tell you the only passable paracord is mil-spec. Old paracord blog posts will tell you paracord can be used for everything from dental floss to firestarter. Who can you trust? Hopefully we can clear up a couple of misunderstandings.

All Paracord Is Made Equal

When shopping for paracord online, the options are endless. But not every paracord retailer sells the same quality of cord. Often times, the paracord you get in a premade paracord bracelet will not be the same quality you get from a trusted paracord seller. For reasons why to buy from us, read Where to Buy Paracord.

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Paracord Is No Good If It's Not Mil-Spec

This is perhaps the most common misconception people have of paracord. It can be found repeated in blogs, reddit posts, and forum threads, but it's no longer true. Because the United States Military no longer enforces mil-spec standards among their own suppliers, the mil-spec label has been misapplied by manufacturers of cheap paracord. For more info on this topic read, Do I Need Mil-Spec Paracord?

Paracord Isn't Useful for Survival

This myth is probably a reaction to wild exaggerations of what paracord can be used for. If you use your head, paracord has all kinds of uses out in the woods. A length of string can be the most versatile tool in your bag.

World War 2 Paratrooper

Paracord Is Still Used on Parachutes

Surprisingly, paracord is no longer used on parachutes. The design of a parachute has changed since WWII. No longer are standard parachutes circular. Essential to the newer rectangular design is a static line that does not absorb shock like paracord does.

Paracord Can Be Used as Climbing Rope

Only in the direst of circumstances should you ever use paracord as a climbing or rappelling rope. If paracord is the only thing breaking your fall, it will most definitely snap. The reason? Falling bodies exert a lot more downward force on a rope than a stationary body. (This is why your mom wouldn't let you jump on your bed, but sleeping on top of it was okay.) To explore this subject further, read Can Paracord Really Be Used for Climbing and Rappelling?

Paracord Is Only Tacti-Cool

Some people have fallen out of love with paracord because it's become popular. Bright colored paracord bracelets don't send the same image as paracord in black and olive drab, but that doesn't mean it's has lost its usefulness. As with any tool, paracord is limited by the skills of the person using it. Anyone who uses tactical equipment without knowing how to use it can end up looking "tacti-cool".

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Paracord Bracelets Are Out of Style

If you're looking for typical paracord survival bracelets, you may come to the conclusion that paracord is going out of style. Instead, the availability of more colors and hardware pieces have caused the hobby of making paracord bracelets to morph. The number and quality of online instructional resources has also greatly increased. If the view-counts of a few top paracord YouTube channels are any indication, paracord is definitely still a popular item to make and wear. Read more about that here.

What do you think? Do you agree? What else do people get wrong about paracord?

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