Are Paracord Bracelets Still Popular?

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Sep 6th 2019

Are Paracord Bracelets Still Popular?

Away from work, I often get asked if paracord bracelets are still popular. Many of my friends, who were once into making survival bracelets when the trend first started, have since forgotten about it. Does this mean that paracord bracelets are no longer in style? Keep Reading.

Why Don't I See Paracord Bracelets Anymore?

The short answer is that you probably do more than you think. If you're someone who once toyed around with paracord, but have been away from it for a while, you might be surprised to find that the hobby has grown and morphed. You might even be surprised to hear it's a "hobby" at all.

Classic Paracord Bracelet

A little over a decade ago, when paracord bracelets first became popular, paracord was much harder to find. You had to go to a military surplus store or outdoor equipment store. If you found options other than black, they were olive drab and tan. Paracord was still thought of as a military, tactical product only.

Now, you can find paracord at just about any hardware store, many craft stores, and all over the internet. Of course, these products are of questionable quality. If you're wondering what to look for in good paracord, read this post on the difference between Mil-Spec cord, commercial cord, and craft store quality cord.

Paracord Planet sells over 500 colors of commercial quality 550 lb paracord. On top of that we carry over 15 other size/function varieties of paracord—from Para-max with a weight rating of 3,000 lb, to nano cord that is scarcely larger than sewing thread.

All these options have opened up a world of "paracord crafting." You'd be surprised at what people make! While survival bracelets are still the most popular project, paracord is used in many other bracelet varieties and many different paracord creations, such as space nets, life-sized sculptures, art installations, and macramé.

Paracord Bracelet Varieties

Even if we're talking only about bracelets, the varieties are endless. The original square knot or "cobra" bracelet is still the most common, but there are tons of YouTube channels that teach how to make all kinds of more complicated weaves. You can find tutorials for everything from fun and childish to stylish and professional. Check out our YouTube channel, Weavers of Eternity, and Paracord Guild for a huge library of free tutorials. The continuing popularity of these channels speaks for itself—paracord bracelet making is still immensely popular.

What's the Purpose of a Paracord Bracelet?

Paracord Bracelets used to be more functional than beautiful. The company Survival Straps was built around the idea that it's handy to have a deployable string on your person at all times. People often wrote in saying how their Survival Strap saved them a hassle, or even occasionally got them out of a life-threatening situation.

Quick Deploy Paracord Bracelet

Recent trends in paracord have turned some people sour towards the hobby. These people were around when paracord bracelets were rare. Finding someone else who wore one was an instant sign of their interest in preparedness and self-reliance.

While practical paracord wearers still exist, they no longer make up a majority of paracord wearers. Whether you like it or not, paracord has become somewhat of a fashion statement. In fact, many popular and trendy jewelry brands now make some kind of rope jewelry that is made out of rope similar to paracord.

Pink Macrame Bracelet

The thing is, nylon is an incredibly durable material. Makers of handmade jewelry want their creations to last. The many size and color options of paracord have provided a cheap, durable medium for people to make beautiful art pieces and jewelry.

The Verdict

So to sum up, has the paracord "cobra" survival bracelet craze subsided some? Sure it has. But, is the hobby of making paracord jewelry—both functional and "just-for-looks" varieties—still very much alive? Absolutely! If you're looking for people wearing paracord bracelets, you might just have to look a little closer. Not only is paracord a rugged survival tool, it has also proven itself as a versatile material for making professional quality jewelry and art.

Quality Micro Cord Bracelet

What do you think? Were you an original paracord enthusiast, or have you found the hobby through it's growing popularity? What do you think of the current trends in paracord? Let us know down below in the comments.

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