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85 Real Uses for Paracord

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Mar 8th 2019

85 uses for paracord

Most of you have probably read articles titled something like, "101 Uses for Paracord" and you're not sure if you can trust them. They encourage you to use paracord for everything from rapelling to making slingshots to improvising a temporary serpentine belt for a car engine. Here are over 50 ideas that we think—or know—actually work.

We've also broken them down into categories to make the list placement a little less random. While a lot of these uses are crafting related, it does not deminish the fact that paracord is an extremely useful repair and emergency tool.


Monkey Fist Doorstop

Make a monkey fist knot around a rock to make a clever doorstop that is as functional as it is astheticly pleasing.

Shoe/Boot Laces

Did your laces snap? Replace them with a high quality alternative. Cut them to whatever length you need!

Zipper Pulls

Replace factory pulls with colors of your choosing. We've got a blog post and a video about this.

Replace zipper pulls with paracord

Chair Uphostery

Wicker and rattan furniture look amazing, but they rarely hold up to consistent use. Use paracord to reupholster a wicker stool to give it a clean modern look.

Pet Leash

Paracord is perfect for weaving your own pet leash. It has just enough stretch to not pull your shoulder out of joint when fido decides to chase a squirrel. A tutorial for the pictured one can be found here: Double Sided Leash

Paracord Leash Tutorial

Pet Collar

Give your pooch stylish upgrade with a paracord collar. Not only are there practically unlimited color options, you also get to design it youself.

Pet Chew Toy

Does your pet absolutely destroy most chew toys? Make them a paracord toy. The durable nylon fibers hold up well to abuse.

Tow Strap

Paramax is ideal for this task, but 550 cord—if doubled up enough times—may also do the trick.

Hair Tie

If you are out and forget a hair bungee, you don't have to live with hair in the face. Just undo your paracord bracelet and use a portion to tie back your hair.

Fix For Wardrobe Malfunction

Because disaster strikes in the unluckiest of places.

Small Engine Pull Cord

Most nylon has a melting point of over 500°F. This makes it suitible for use near small engines.

"Pipecleaner" for Camelbak Hose or Waterbottle Straw

Tie an overhand knot or two around your paracord and push it through to clean those oh-so-hard-to-get places in your waterbottle.

Botle Sling Tutorial

Water Bottle Sling

A strap for your waterbottle makes it easier to always keep water with you when on the go or at the beach.

Can Koozie

Add an insulator to your Coke with a crocheted or knotted koozie.

Measuring Tool

Easily measure circumfrence using paracord and a ruler. Great for sizing paracord bracelets accurately.

Garage Storage

Tie up hoses and electrical cords, or hang things out of the way.


Use a turk's head knot to weave an intricate doormate that houseguests will wow over.

Turk's head coaster tutorial


These make a great handmade gift item. I've had one on my office desk for a few months now. Learn how to make one with a photo tutorial or video tutorial.

Improvised Friction Wrench

Can't get that gasket free? Fashion a DIY strap wrench for a quick fix. I'll vouch for this one. I've used it myself.

Damage-Free Bulletin Board

Hang pictures with a web of colorful nylon string. It's a beautiful Pinterest-y solution that won't damage photos.


Paracord Room Divider

Room Divider

A Google search for "rope room dividers" brings up all kinds of DIY privacy screens, from the ornate to the minimalistic. Use paracord for the most color options.

Knot Display Board

Want to make a reference board or show off your knotting knowledge? Make a display board to demonstrate basic knot tying—with a paracord twist

Paracord Garland


Paracord can be used to make some pretty cool party streamers or garland. Either tie a bunch of paracord sections onto a line, or use a spiral DNA weave for a traditional macrame look.

String Art

This art form has many awesome variations. Use bright colored paracord to make your string art stand out.

Public Art Installation

Street artist Hot Tea used Paracord Planet paracord to create a permanent art installation at the Aukland airport in New Zealand. Many others have done similar installations. Paracord is a colorful and durable art medium that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so why not?

Giant Sculpture

Warren Shoedel from Arizona made a life sized woolly mammoth out of paracord. He says he wants to make a polar bear next

Paracord animal sculpture woolly mammoth

Paracord People

These little guys make great keychains, zipper pulls, and children's toys. Follow our photo tutorial or video tutorial to learn how to make them.

EDC (Things You Carry)

Handle Wrap

Carry extra paracord with you, or just make your knives and walking staves look awesome. Get some handle wrap ideas here.

west country whipping handle wrap tutorial


This one probably goes without saying. Wear paracord for survival or fashion.


Keep your keys around your neck, or keep a nametag in plain sight.

Wallet Chain

Secure your wallet to your pants. Take that, pickpocketers!

Knife Fob

Provide security and grip with coordinating colors that match the rest of your EDC.


These things store over 100 ft. of paracord! Be ultra prepared with a belt that looks just like an ordinary belt.

Paracord Belt tutorial

Keychain Fob

Easy way to label keys. Don't wait on someone else to invent the perfect keychain, make it yourself!


Replace keyrings altogether with a small length of paracord that wont stab your thigh through your pockets.

Monkey Fist Flail

A method of self-defence that is frowned upon by Google...and muggers.

Sunglasses Retention Strap

Keep your glasses or sunglasses at the ready by letting them hang around your neck.


Computer Cable Sleeving

Your're into what you're into. If you're into computer builds, you want paracord for cable management. Trust us.

FPV Drone Cable Sleeving

Cable management is important for recrational drone flyers too. Paracord makes cables more aerodynamic and more protected. The pictured drone is by "Whiffles" of

Drone Cable Sleeving with Paracord

Guitar Strap

Same science as a paracord belt. Match your strap to your guitar. You never know when you may need it to solve an emergency before a show.


One can make a working bullwhip entirely out of paracord. Careful, these things literally break the sound barrier!


Crochet a ski mask, hat, or entire backpack because why not?

Gardening Trellis

Grow tomatoes through a screen or grow Clematis up a wall. Simple, elegant, and cheap!

Plant Hanger

Macramé has returned! This time with neon colors.

Outdoor Recreation

Hammock Suspension

Make sure to double it up so you don't end up on the ground by morning. Always remove it from the tree afterward.


Go the whole way, and make an entire hammock from paracord. stuff it in a Nalgene bottle and head off to the park to take a nap because you just made a hammock out of paracord.

Climbing Harness

We are not climbing instructors, but in a pinch (no pun intended), paracord can be used to make a suitible climbing or rapelling harness. Paracord is not a climbing rope, people.

Paracord Horse Halter

Horse Halter

Your horse wants one. You know he does. We've seen some truly inspiring designs. This picture was sent to us by Karyn Shirley.

Sled Rope

Replace sled ropes with a cord that wont break after being dragged underneath a sled 100 times. Your kid will thank you.


Use paracord and sticks to make a simple ladder. Be sure to use proper caution and knottage.


Paracord can help you walk on the snow. Believe us, that's more useful than you might think up here in da north country.

Boat Mooring Line

Not a permanent solution, but paracord can be used to moore a small boat. Paracord is rot, mold, and mildew resistant.

Tree Net

Turn your backyard into a lofted paradise by hiring this guy.

Space Net

Even more daring, hang a paracord net over a canyon—and then do yoga on it. Credit: Moab Monkeys.

Moab Monkey Canyon Net

Playground Climbing Net

Paracord is a great outdoor rope. It won't fray and give you those aweful rope splinters.

Jump Rope

Add plastic handles or weave your own.



A better idea would be to carry a real tourniquet, but when disaster catches you unaware, you do what you can to save a life—possibly even your own.

Survival Bracelet

More than just a prepper's fashion assessory, a survival bracelet can contain anything from a firestarter to a flashlight.

Paracord Survival Bracelet

Tying Up A Tarp for Shelter

Paracord is very handy for improvised shelters of many kinds. Do yourself a favor and learn how to tie a good ridgeline.

Bow Drill for Starting A Fire

One of the more misunderstood survival techniques. It can be done with practice!


Nothing worse than hiking for hours in wet clothes. Great for wilderness camping.

Sailboat Rigging Repair

Due to it's slight stretchiness, nylon rope is rarely, if ever, used for rigging, but it just might get you off the open water in an emergency.

Gun Sling

Similar to the guitar strap, keep paracord where you need it the most. Find all you need to make this in a handy kit.

Paracord Rifle Sling Kit

Tether Gear To Pack

Ultralight campers know they only need two pairs of underwear. One to wear and one to dry—strapped on their backpack.

String Up A Bear Bag

Keep your goodies out of reach and hoist your cooler or barrel up and away from prying paws.

Bundle Firewood

This seems like overkill, but if you need to carry a giant bundle of kindling very far, it helps to have a free hand.

Create a Hunting Spear

You know those holes in your survival knife handle? They were made for this.


Tie up a baddie with your dissassembled paracord bracelet. Potentially much more secure than the zip ties used by police.

Duck Call Lanyard

Carry as many calls as you need with a duck call strap made by you.

Fishing Stringer

It's not important until you don't have one. Improvise and bring home the bacon—er, bass. You can buy them premade here, or make your own.

Paracord Fishing Stringer

Game Hanger

Paracord packs easily in your hunting bag. Keep it there for when you need it.

Trail Marker

Bright colored paracord can be used to tie around tree branches to mark a trail. Then You'll know if you're going in circles.


Classic boy scout training. Find some sticks, use some string or rip strips of cloth, and make a splint to get your buddy out of the woods.

Tent/Rainfly Anchor Line

Just as paracord can be used to improvise a tent, It can also be used to repair or replace real tent lines.

Uses for Inner Strands

Clothing Repair

It won't be pretty, but the inner strands of paracord can function as emergency thread to repair a hole in clothing.

Survival Snare

Fashion an animal snare to catch your next meal. It doesn't have to taste good to keep you alive.

Fishing Line

Not ideal, perhaps, but certain varieties of fish seem to not be too choosy when it comes to dinner on a string.

Dental Floss

Removing the inner strands may seem like more work than it's worth to get that speck of trail mix out of your teeth, but when the alternative is extracting a tooth with an ice scate, I think I'll take the floss. Don't watch this clip form castaway if you are squeamish.

Fishing Net

Within 10 feet of paracord is actually 70 feet of inner nylyon strands. A net might just be the easiest way to catch a survival supper.


Theoretically, paracord could actually be used as sutures. This idea shows up on lists of "things to do with paracord" all over the internet, but we've yet to personally test it. If you have such a story, we'd love to hear it!

What do you think? Did we include anything too ridiculous? Did we leave something out? Let us know in the comments.

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