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5 Ways to Store & Organize Your Paracord

Posted by Brita on Nov 2nd 2017

5 Ways to Store & Organize Your Paracord

Have you ever looked for your favorite paracord color only to find it in a large & tangled knot? Who has the time (or patience) to clean up this mess? Paracord is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not frustrating and stressful! We are here to help, check out the 4 (cost-effective!) ways we recommend for paracord storage and organization below: 

1.  The WindIt Wizard

If you've been keeping up with our  blog, you'll know that we LOVE our WindIt Wizard Cord Keeper tool. We created this tool a little over 2 months ago as a durable and lightweight solution to your cord-wrapping needs. There are endless benefits to using this tool, and it boasts many features. Here are the features of this awesome tool: Built-in measuring device, cord hook, end holder, hand grip, and blade for slicing paracord. It comes in a TON of vibrant colors and is priced to fit your budget! 

The WindIt Wizard    WindIt Wizard Colors

2.  The Ladder Winder

If you're looking for a simple & bare bones solution to your cord-wrapping needs, we got you covered! The Ladder Winder is a simple & lightweight tool that works similar to our WindIt Wizard. Wrap any type of paracord around this winder to keep it neat and organized. This tool is available in black and is the perfect solution for someone who is looking for a no-frills tool. 

The Ladder Winder

3. Store paracord in a plastic bottle

Do you have a lot of empty bottles laying around? Cut a hole in the cap, weave your paracord through, and you've got a storage solution! It's that simple! You can use soda bottles, cleaning solution bottles, milk jugs, disinfecting wipe buckets, and more! The possibilities are truly endless. Reuse your bottles in a way that is simple, easy, and travel friendly. 

Store paracord in a plastic bottle

4. Wrap paracord in a tangle-free hank

If you need to take a certain hank of paracord on the go for your next camping, hiking, or hunting trip, this method is for you! Wrap your paracord in a tangle-free hank and attach to your camping backpack or place in your fishing tacklebox. The video below, from Sierra Trading Post, shows you the easy way to wrap one of these hanks:

5. Wrap a paracord donut

If you're looking for a creative way to store your paracord in a way that takes up no space, wrap a paracord donut! This is a simple and creative way to store your cord, and looks great too! The cord is wrapped in a way that is quick deploy ready, so you'll be able to access your paracord in any situation. This tutorial from  Paracord Guild details how to wrap a donut. 

Wrap a paracord donut

How do you store your paracord? Which solution are you going to try? Let us know on social media:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube!

Peace, Love, and Paracord


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