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Type 95 Charm Kits

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Paracord Planet’s Type 95 Charm Kits are perfect for craft nights and sleepovers. Each kit includes ten 10’ hanks of type 95 paracord and 10 charms.

Included in each kit:

Blue Shine

  • Paracord Colors: Turquoise with Silver Metallic, Burgundy with Neon Turquoise Diamond, Walnut with White Diamond, Teal with Gold Diamond, Teal with Turquoise Diamond, Midnight Blue with Gold Metallic, Teal with Gold Metallic, Neon Turquoise Diamond, White with electric Blue, Electric Blue with Gold Metallic
  • Charms (2 of Each): Bronze Dolphin, Blue Turtle, Silver Anchor, Peace Pendant, Best Friends

Garden Party

  • Paracord Colors: Gold with Midnight Blue Bumblebee, Mardi Gras, Silver with Charcoal Gray Diamonds, Neon Yellow Diamonds, Fern Green, Neon Yellow with Charcoal Gray Stripes, Decay, Hippie, Gold with Burgundy Diamonds, White with Walnut Diamonds
  • Charms (2 of Each): Yellow Turtle, Green Turtle, Green Hibiscus, Buddy Charms, Best Friends


  • Paracord Colors: Acid Purple with Gold Stripes, Goldenrod with Moss Diamonds, Neon Pink with Black Tracer, King Tut, Neon Turquoise and Acid Purple Shockwave, Teal with Mint Diamonds, Neon Yellow Black Stripes, Licorice, Wolverine, Electric Blue/Light Blue/White
  • Charms (2 of Each): Turtle, Person Figure, Key Dangle, Blue Peace Dangle, Best Friend Plate

‘Tis the Season

  • Paracord Colors:Lifeguard, Strawberry Field, Silver with Charcoal Gray Diamonds, White with Silver Metallic, White with Gold Metallic, Saint Nick, Iraqi, Santa Claus, Walnut with Gold Metallic, Black with Red Metallic
  • Charms (2 of Each): Love Hand, Person Figure, Train Figure, Snowflake, Snowman

Pink Sparkle

  • Paracord Colors: FS Lavender Diamonds, Burgandy with Moss Diamonds, Fushia with Gold Metallic X, Neon Pink with Acid Purple Diamonds, Rose Pink with Kelly Green Diamonds, Salmon with Tan 380 Diamonds, Rose Pink with Gold Metallic X, Rose Pink with Moss Diamonds, Walnut with Gold Metallic X, White with Gold Metallic X
  • Charms (2 of Each): Pink Swirl Heart, Bronze Anchor, Peace Dangle Pendant, Pink Turtle, Love Dangle


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