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Paracord Planet 3/4" Utility Buckle

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Wear a 3-in-1 survival tool on your wrist! Whistle, fire starter, and compass all assembled in one buckle makes for a great survival accessory for any outdoor hobbyist or survivalist. No disassembly necessary to use the scraper against the flint rod. Easy and fun to use as the flint rod creates large sparks making starting a fire come with ease. Feel confident & prepared knowing you always have a fire source & a whistle on you in the event of an emergency or survival situation. Create an ultimate survival Paracord bracelet that can call for help and start a fire if necessary. The 3/4" webbing allows for a variety of different weaves styles to choose from. Be prepared for your next outing & buy today! Buckle Specs: -Length: 2-3/8" -Width: 1-1/4" -Thickness: 3/8" -Webbing: 3/4" -Built-in buckle -Built in flint rod with scraper


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