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Paracord Combo Crafting Kit with a 10" Pocket Pro Jig - Purple

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Paracord Combo Crafting Kit with a 10" Pocket Pro Jig - Purple

These combo kits are perfect for just getting started on new paracord projects.  Or perfect for the indecisive who wants a variety of paracord color and paracord buckles.  They come with a 10" Pocket Pro Jig that allows for very easy braiding.  Just hook one end of your bracelet to the adjustable end and the other to the steady end and start crafting.  It really is that simple!  Start crafting with precision and ease today!  In addition to the 10" Pocket Pro Jig, the 550 Paracord and Buckles included in this kit are listed below.

550 Type III Paracord Hanks

  • 10' - Lotus Flower
  • 10' - Purple Rain
  • 10' - Mardi Gras
  • 10' - Komodo
  • 10' - Purple Camo
  • 10' - Purple
  • 10' - Grapevine
  • 10' - Acid Rain
  • 10' - Acid Purple
  • 10' - Undead

3/8" Contoured Plastic Paracord Buckles

  • 4 - Purple
  • 3 - Clear Purple
  • 3 - Neon Purple














These kits are determined by our color experts so you can get an awesome variety.

**If colors within this kit are out of stock, they will be substituted with an equally awesome and complimenting color of 550 cord.**

Maximum Purchase:
5 units
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