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Clear Plastic Single Hole Spring Loaded Cord Locks - Various Colors, Sizes, and Packs

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Spring loaded cord locks made of durable plastic designed to withstand the demands of everyday life and crafting endeavors. The metal spring provides a quick and effortless adjustment to the length of your cords or drawstrings and keeps a strong, reliable hold.

6.25mm (Small) and 8.5mm (Large) holes to provide easy threading of string and even 550 paracord so you can create a custom drawstring that fits your needs on items such as jackets, tents, luggage, and gym bags. These cord locks give you enhanced control over the function of your bags and the aesthetic of your DIY crafting projects.

Whether you use these cord locks to protect luggage, fix a tent, or customize clothing, you can feel confident knowing you have secure closure. Great for experienced crafters and those new to DIY accessorizing.


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