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What Else Does Paracord Planet Sell?

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Sep 27th 2019

What does Paracord Planet sell—title

Paracord Planet sells paracord, but we don't only sell paracord and paracord supplies. In addition to paracord hardware, we also have a ton of other crafting items from different hobbies. You may not have seen some of them yet, so here's a quick tour!


Most of what we sell revolves around some kind of string or rope. You might be surprised by how many different hobbies use rope.

Other Paracord Sizes

In addition to the standard 550 paracord, we sell over 10 different diameters of nylon paracord rope. For an explanation of all the sizes and types, read our blog post: Why are there so many paracord sizes?

Paracord sizes

Bungee Cord

You know that stretchy rope that bungee straps are made of? We've got it! Bungee cord is usually made of Elastic fibers encased in a braided nylon outer. From durable 5/8 inch "shock cord" to tiny 1/32 inch elastic—and plenty of options in-between. We also carry the hooks to make your own bungee cords.


We have a ton of other rope, cord, and threads divided up into many different crafting areas below. Take a look; we probably sell items for YOUR hobby.

Paracord Planet Rope

Paracord Hardware

We have more than just buckles. Paracord planet stocks metal ball bearings for monkey fists, fancy beads (including skulls, and an endless variety of keychains, carabiners, and connectors.

Paracord Planet Hardware

Paracord Tools


Jigs are a tool to aid in the making of specific paracord projects. We carry jigs and looms for a variety of crafting purposes, including bracelets, monkey fists, belts, and other braids. You can also find looms in our knitting and crocheting section.

Paracord Planet Jigs


Paracord fids work like sewing needles for rope. They are essential for making stitched paracord bracelets and complex knots.

Paracord Planet Fids

Cutting Tools

Hot knives are a valuable time-saving tool for anyone who makes paracord creations as a business. Some of our multitool paracord spools also have simple cord cutters in their design. Find the cutting tools that work best for your workflow.


We love Macramé! We've added a ton of cotton rope styles along with hoops, rings, bamboo rods, beads, and a variety of other macramé cords.

Paracord Planet Macramé.

Knitting and Crocheting (and Embroidery)

Choose from our new yarn varieties for your next knitting or crocheting project. Whether you're new to the hobby or experienced, find the right tools and the right yarn to fit your needs.

Paracord Planet Yarn


For those of you that are not so crafty, we carry a variety of hardware pieces for outdoor gear. MOLLE is a system for attaching gear to military and tactical packs. We also have a variety of other webbing hardware to choose from.

Paracord Planet MOLLE Hardware

Other Craft Supplies

So that was a lot, but there's still even more to the Paracord Planet store than that! We didn't even cover plastic lacing, leatherworking, wire jewelry making, coloring books, and Americana decor.

Take a look around! We want to supply your craft hobby needs. Have an idea of something we should carry? Let us know in the comments!

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