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The Ugly Ways We Use Paracord

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Mar 12th 2021

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Paracord is used to make all kinds of beautiful things—bracelets and other jewelry, sculptures and handle wraps, artworks and decorations. But Paracord is also extremely practical. We've shared about practical uses of paracord before, but today we're going to take a look at how we use paracord INSIDE the company itself.

sticker dispenser

Sticker Dispensers

In our production line, we use paracord to hold up our rolls of labels and stickers. We added a buckle to the side to make changing them out faster and easier.

hanging lights

Rigging for Production Lights

When filming videos, it's important to have a "hair light" so that the subject stands out from the background. These need to be either hug from the ceiling or on a boom stand. We hung ours up with paracord. Sure, there's probably a "better" solution for this, but it works, so why change it? (Wish I would have chosen a better color, though…)

cable tie

Cord Management

When cords are laying all over the place, no one is happy. Some people use zip ties or velcro straps to keep things neat. We use whatever is closest. Most of the time, that's paracord. And it works well! The right knot can be untied faster than a zip tie can be cut off.

paracord handle wrap

Paracord Dispenser

Under my desk, I keep a couple of secrets. A yard stick, DON'T YOU DARE STEAL IT WITHOUT BRINGING IT BACK! and a spool of paracord ready to deploy. Then I'm ready to prototype a project whenever inspiration strikes…as long as I remember it's there.

trash can bungee

Bag Keeper on Trash Cans (Oops that's bungee cord)

On nearly every trash can in the building, we have a homemade bungee strap to keep the bag from slipping off the rim. This usage has spilled over into my personal life and I'm never going back.

These are just the uses of paracord I've used or have noticed around the workplace. I'm sure if I took a better look around, I would find even more clever uses. Have any of your own? Post to our Customer Gallery or Paracorner Facebook Group.

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