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The Paiute Deadfall Trap

Posted by Blake Alma on Oct 21st 2016

Paracordism 101: The Paiute Deadfall Trap
By Blake Alma

Survival is a lost skill in the twenty-first century. Thousands of years ago, in the days of the Spartans, boys where survival experts at the age of 6! Today, boys are survival experts on unrealistic video games at the age of 6. It is an unfortunate truth. As a young survivalist, I believe that all survival skills, whether it be wilderness or urban, should be taught to the young. It has helped me greatly, and not only that, I have built a living on these skills.

At Paracord Planet, we teach paracord crafting for your benefit. Paracord is such a great survival tool. Wearing a paracord bracelet is a great survival precaution, and in my opinion, it is also very fashionable. Whether you make your own bracelet or buy your own, you should own a paracord bracelet. You could also replace your shoe laces with paracord. You could probably carry up to 40 feet of paracord on your shoes! You can carry up to 14 feet of paracord on your wrist. That will be more than enough paracord to help you in a survival situation.

One of the many survival purposes of paracord is constructing traps. In one of the previous article of Paracordism 101, I taught you how to construct a basic snare with paracord. In this article, I briefly show you how to construct a deadfall trap.

Deadfall Trap

The Paiute Indians of the west, invented a trap that is designed to crush its prey using only sticks, string, and a large rock. This trap is called the Paiute deadfall trap. The Paiute deadfall trap is one of the most used survival traps. The trap constructed from an “Y” stick, a small triggering stick, a secondary triggering stick, a lever stick, a strand of paracord, and a large rock. When the trigger is bumped the rock falls down on the animal. Below is a video by my good friend, Jeff Martin. In this video he will show you how to construct the Paiute deadfall trap.

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