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The Jig Is Up - Benefits of a Paracord Jig

Posted by Lauri on Jan 13th 2017

Paracord Jigs

The paracord jig is a tool that is often overlooked. They really help you out when you need you need it most, which is when you need both hands. Too many times I've taped my bracelet to the table only to have the tape come undone or used a makeshift jig only to have it break.

For those of you unfamiliar with jigs, this is the basic 10" Jig that is perfect for bracelets:

10" Paracord Jig

If you think a jig is only for beginners, I would tell you that's not entirely true. Not only are they are very helpful for beginners working on the cobra weave, but they're also great for other crafting levels with weaves that don't stay knotted like the cobra does. For instance, the Fishtail and Trilobite are weaves that don't stay tight so it's nice to have both hands free to be weaving, pushing up, and tightening.

Bigger projects go much smoother with jigs as well. Whether it be a monkey fist, dog collar, or gun sling - jigs make these crafts go much smoother and allows you to hold all that paracord in place so you can make your project right the first time.

Why do you need a jig you ask? Well, there are some major benefits to jigs.

1) Precise measurements. I can't tell you how many times I've sized my bracelet against my wrist, checked it after a couple knots and had it be too small. If fact, it happened to me last weekend with my dog's collar. I measured it against his neck and MADE THE ENTIRE COLLAR only to discover it was far too tight so I had to undo the entire collar and start from the beginning.

2) A third hand. Using a jig will give you steady hands since the jig holds the bracelet for you. No more struggling with bazaar holds and makeshift jigs. 

3) Different sizes. Not only are jigs adjustable, but a lot of them come with a couple different size buckles already assembled so you can do different size buckle projects. There are also different size jigs available for projects from a child's bracelet all the way up to rifle slings and large dog collars. See all the different size jigs we carry!

Paracord Jig

What projects do you use a jig for?

Let us know in the comment section or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Paracord Love,


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