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Thank You For Helping Paracord Planet Reach Over 100K Subscribers on YouTube

Posted by Becca Opp on Feb 27th 2024

“Like, comment, and subscribe if you want to see more content like this!”

That’s how most YouTubers sign off.

If you didn’t particularly enjoy a video, you’ve either already clicked away or have completely zoned out by this point.

We also tend to end our videos this way. But what sets us apart is we really do want to show you more of what you like. Thankfully, there is an audience out there who wants to see more Paracord.

That’s why we want to thank YOU for helping our YouTube channel reach over 100K subscribers! To recognize this achievement, YouTube awards creators with a Silver Play Button as seen above.

Just for fun, let’s hop in our time machine to see how far we’ve come.

Now entering the Paracord Planet time machine…

The year was 2012. “The Avengers” was in theaters, “Gangnam Style” was on the radio, and Paracord Planet posted our first YouTube tutorial on how to make a fishtail bracelet.

As you scroll through the rest of our videos, you’ll notice that the quality of our content gradually increased thanks to better resources and technology.

You may also see a few familiar faces in those videos. Longtime viewers will remember Laurie. From her, to Jake, to Luke, to Ross, and beyond, many past team members have greatly contributed to our channel.

12 years and 600+ videos later…

Around the time this blog post was written, we asked a longstanding Paracord Planet team member named Josh what he thinks of our channel’s evolution and current form.

“The core of it is still the same. We don’t just use our channel to highlight products. It’s a way to enable Paracord crafters, expand the community, and spark creativity in viewers,” he explained.

He also noted that the channel is more community-driven now than ever. For example, we often come up with video ideas after reading your comments and watching content from other creators.

If you are ever curious about where we get our inspiration, you can find that information in our video descriptions. We always try to credit the original creators and tag their social media accounts, even when putting our own unique spin on a project.

So…where do we go from here?

We for sure want to:

  • Continue improving our audio and video quality,
  • Try new things and collaborate with our fellow creators,
  • And, of course, keep introducing new crafters to Paracord!

Nearly 130K subscribers and growing!

Thanks in large part to social media platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and so on, Paracord is more accessible than ever before.

Whether you just landed on Paracord Planet or have been in our orbit since the beginning, we sincerely thank you for your support. None of this would be possible without you.

Want to help our channel evolve?

With that being said, feel free to let us know what you’d like to see on our channel in the future by leaving a comment on our most recent video.

On behalf of our whole team, we really appreciate your feedback!

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