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Paracord Pets: DIY-ing for your furry friends

Posted by Lauri on May 19th 2017

Paracord Pets - DIYing for your furry friends

If you've ever read this blog in the last 2 years, you have probably read at some point about my slight obsession with my dogs.

While they're a handful at times, they're also fun, cuddly, and very sweet. They're an oddball brother/sister pair and best friends.  

Howie the dog laying in grassThe small dog (Howie) is definitely the alpha dog and the big dog (Aurora) follows him everywhere. 

They're also very different from each other:

Howie loves to sun bathe, Aurora loves to lay in the shade
Howie loves to sit right on top of your lap and demands your attention, Aurora just wants to lay right next to you
Howie is very curious and unafraid, Aurora is more timid

But one thing they do agree on, they both LOVE the toys and collars I've made for them! This rambunctious pair definitely plays rough with each other and their toys, fortunately some of them have stood the test of time: their paracord toys. 

I have the following toys at home for my furry friends and they've lasted through countless tug-of-wars, fetching, and hidings. Here are a few things you can DIY with paracord for your furry friends that will LAST: 

The Knotted Rope Tug Toy very quickly became one of the pups favorite toys. I'm not sure if it's the cotton texture or the lightweight feel, but (Howie especially) loves this one. Again, we sell this one completed, but it can be made in about 2 minutes if you have some of our Cotton Rope.

Knotted Rope Tug Toy for Pets

Paracord dog collars are another thing you can make your beloved fur babies. I love them because they're durable, strong, and personal to my pups. Howie has one made with  Darkside 550 Paracord and Aurora has a girly one made with Turquise 550 Paracord and Arctic Digital 550 Paracord.

Our  DIY Collar Kits come with everything you need to make a tough and unique collar! 

Paracord DIY Dog Collar Kits


If you don't want to make a  collar, we have 3 different design in multiple color options and sizes to perfectly fit your pets!

Finished Paracord Dog Collars

If you want more ideas, check out our past blog on  5 Ways to Love your Dog with Paracord.

What have DIY'd with paracord for you pet? 

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Paracord Love, Lauri

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