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5 Easy Variations on the Cobra Weave

Posted by Lauri on Mar 25th 2016

Cobra Weave Variations

Are you just beginning the fun world of paracording? Or are you trying to teach someone else but don't know where to start? Learn the Cobra Weave and try some cool variations off it! Here you will find five beginner weaves to start crafting and build your paracord collection off of. Enjoy!

Cobra Weave 

In case if you haven't done the Cobra Weave yet, begin here. This is one of the easiest and most used paracord weaves. It uses just two strands and a repeating pattern. This is also a great weave to start with because there are so many variations of it and some different weaves begin with a simple cobra stitch just to hold the strands in place. The cobra is a quick weave and is commonly used for bracelets, dog collars, dog leashes, handles, keychains, and numerous other things. 

#1 King Cobra

The King Cobra is a great weave to try after the cobra as it is the exact same weave. To do this, once you get to the end of your bracelet, simple flip it around and continue the cobra stitch right over the cobra weave you just did. This weave is also commonly done in bracelets, dog collars, dog leashes, and just a way to make a bigger/thicker cobra weave. In the above video, you will learn the King Cobra Weave and how to do a Cobra Weave without a buckle and using the Cobra Stitch as the knot.

#2 Thin Blue Line

This Blue Line Paracord Bracelet

This weave is the exact same weave as the Cobra, but you add a hollowed-out blue cord. The  Thin Blue Line Paracord Bracelet is a great bracelet to make in honor of police men and women. Or you can make it with blue as the weave and use a thin white cord instead for EMS or black and red for firefighers. The list goes on and on. This is a fun weave to do to honor a public servant.

#3 Awareness Bracelets

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

This is another variation of the Cobra Weave. It's actually more of an addition to the Cobra Weave. The ribbon doesn't get added until you actually finish the  Cobra Weave Bracelet. As with the Thin Blue Line, this easy Awareness Ribbon bracelet is a great way to honor someone with a terrible disease. The ribbon can, of course, be made with any color to honor or remember a loved one. 

#4 Reverse Stitched Solomon

Reverse Stitched Solomon Bracelet

The  Reverse Stitched Solomon bracelet is done nearly the same way as the Cobra but comes out looking very different. You still do the cobra stitch but instead of doing the weave over both base strands, you just do it over one and alternate sides as usual. I've done this bracelet with many different colors and looks great in all of them.

#5 Rainbow

Rainbow Paracord Bracelet

As with the Awareness Ribbon Bracelet, the  Rainbow Bracelet is just an addition to the Cobra Bracelet. You complete the cobra bracelet as usual, but when you finish you grab your fid or needle and add the colors in.

What other easy weaves have you tried?

Let us know in the comment section or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Paracord Love, Lauri

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