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Paracord Fashion

Posted by Lauri on Oct 16th 2015

As my fellow paracorders, I know you love showing everyone how fun and diverse paracord really can be. You can make or improve literally almost anything! From dog collars, knife handles, Christmas ornaments, to hammocks and animals -  anything can happen with paracord!

We all know paracord is fashionable as a bracelet, lanyard, or key fob, but what about all the other awesome ways to jazz up your regular attire? I'm going to give you an in-depth look at the many ways you can be a paracord fashion ICON.

Before (unfortunately) sandal season is over, we need to bedazzle for a memorable end-of-season. This tutorial from ( gives you 2 different paracord footwear ideas. The first is a full-sandal look and the second (at step 7) he give directions on how to make a flip-flop style sandal.

Paracord flip flop sandal

Who likes to carry around a water bottle in their hands all day? Not me! Sometimes your water bottle is just too big for your purse (plus there's the terrifying thought that it could spill all over inside your purse). While the blog ( Red Vaszi) doesn't match the photo, I think you can all make the adjustments if you like the koozie that's in the photo better. I love the fact that it swings over her shoulder and she added a cobra weave to the shoulder strap to make it more comfortable.

Paracord Water Bottle Koozie

This next one is a necessity for anyone! A paracord belt. Who doesn't need a belt?! You can make multiple belts in multiple colors to match with any outfit! Everyone will want to know where you got it from, I'm positive. This is a fantastic tutorial from that will help you get ready for your next formal or informal event. 

Paracord Belt

This is a great project for fashionistas, athletes, or survivalists. It's benefits are 2-fold. First, it'll hold your hair out of your face with ease; second, if you need it for survival just unravel it and BAM you have 20 feet of paracord ready in a flash. A few pictures in the tutorial are missing, but the descriptions are great so I have nothing but confidence in all of you!

Paracord Head Band

Next up: rings. I think both of these options look awesome and a GREAT way to use up some scraps in a fun way. The first is an Infinite ring from and takes about 1 minute to make. The second one, from our friends over at Paracord Guild is a different style (shown in 550 cord) and I think would also be cute to make with smaller cord. Post your photo if you do! :) 

Pink Paracord Ring

Blue Paracord Ring

I saved necklaces for last since there's a TON of really fun and unique options!!

In no particular order, I present you with the Celtic Heart! Here is a fun pictorial for making the Celtic Heart into a bracelet.

Celtic Heart Wrist Paracord Bracelet

This next one is an edgy (and easy!) paracord washer necklace, brought to you by Paracord Planet

Paracord Washer Necklace

This one is super pretty and I love the colors! However, it can be made with so many different colors that could give it a totally different look. Brought to you by

Paracord Necklace

 This next one is a very cool Nautical Necklace, with a very nice pictorial brought to us by A Pretty Nest

Paracord Nautical Necklace

Do you have any paracord fashion tips or ideas to add? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, or Pinterest.

Paracord Love,


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