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Paracord and Hunting

Posted by Lauri on Nov 4th 2016

Paracord and Hunting


The long awaited time of the year is finally here - Rifle Season.
I remember when I shot my first deer. It was a moment of pure joy and adrenaline. That is a memory I think almost every hunter cherishes. 

Another great moment, for me, here at Paracord Planet was when I completed my first bracelet correctly (I finished a couple before but terribly). It was gratifying to finally create something that looked good.

There are many ways to combine Paracord and Hunting, here are just 4 of them. 

Probably the most obvious one for this list is the Paracord Rifle Sling:

We also have pre-made Gun Slings on

Paracord Gun Sling

Every hunter needs to carry a Quick Deploy Paracord Flashlight:
This is a very easy and convenient way to carry a lot of paracord on you.

A paracord bracelet is another easy way to carry 10' (more or less) of paracord on you. You can have a rifle hunting themed bracelet of Neon Orange and Camo. There are many weaves that will give you the maximum amount of paracord with still fitting your wrist. Here is the Belly Fishtail. It uses a little more than traditional fishtail or cobras.

If you're making your own bracelet for hunting, camping, or any adventure you'll need the ultimate buckle, the Utility Buckle. It includes a whistle and fire starter and you don't even need to disassemble your bracelet to use it!

Do you have any paracord hunting accessories? Let us know in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Paracord Love, Lauri

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