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How to Store Paracord

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Aug 23rd 2019

Paracord Storage Title

One of the most frustrating tasks as a paracord crafter is trying to untangle hundreds of feet of paracord. Just about everyone would rather be making something out of paracord than untying knots and playing cord management. No method is perfect, but below we've collected some of our favorite ideas for organizing paracord that will lead to the least amount of hassle and frustration.

Magic Hank

The "daisy chain" and "over under" methods may work well for power cords, but for long lengths of narrow cord, you need a better knot that can be more easily stored. After learning this method, I've never looked back. It takes a little practice to master, but after you do, it’s the perfect way to wrap 50 ft. of paracord. The beauty of this knot is that you can easily pull on one end to dispense any length of cord. The rest stays neatly rolled until you need it. Click the image for a video explaining this method.

Magic Hank wrap method

Winders and Spools

If you can't master the magic hank method, or want a more streamlined approach, we offer a variety of different utility spools. Some of them feature helpful attachment points and cord cutters!

Tactical Rope Tool on a backpack

Stuff Jar

A paracord storage solution that you probably have lying around the house is a stuff jar. While this method looks unorganized, it's self-contained and ensures you get tangle-free paracord. The only drawback is the amount of time it takes to stuff paracord into the jar. To make it go faster, use a wide-mouth jar, like this upcycled parmesan cheese container.

Paracord Stuff Jar

Paracord by the Spool

If you create large amounts paracord bracelets for your business or volunteer work, you may want to consider buying paracord by the spool. Not only is a 250ft. or 1000ft. spool easier to store than a bunch of smaller lengths, they're also more cost effective. If you buy paracord by the spool, you also have a built-in storage solution. Many paracord crafters rig spools on a wooden dowel to make them easy to dispense.

Paracord spools setup

Hope you found this article helpful. We also cover many of these methods in an in-depth video where we compare all our spool tools.

How do you store YOUR paracord? If you have your own tips and tricks, share your knowledge down in the comments! We'd love to hear from you.

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