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Craft. Create. Customize

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Aug 16th 2019

Craft, create, customize paracord creations

Since it's beginning, Paracord Planet's slogan has been "Craft. Create. Customize." Why did we choose that catchphrase as part of our moniker? We see paracord as one of the most versatile of crafting materials. With it, you can make not only bracelets, but also jerry-rigged solutions to problems, beautiful art, functional articles of clothing, and durable DIY modifications to gear.

Below, we've compiled a list of creations, made by you guys, that we believe exemplify our values. If you've never sent us your pictures before, we'd love to see what you make with paracord. Links at the bottom of this page will show you how.


: to make or produce with care, skill, or ingenuity

In it's most popular form, paracord is used to craft rugged bracelets and other woven straps. Beginning with the simple square knot (cobra weave), paracord crafters have been pushing the bounds of convention since 2004.

Paracord Crafting Projects
LEFT: Will Paulus, TOP: Michelle Hale, BOTTOM: Amy Chesley, RIGHT: Glen Bermel

Ambitious crafters can find more elaborate projects to keep themselves busy. Other popular weave projects include dog collars, lanyards, keychains, gun slings, and camera straps. Paracord is starting to be used in Macramé crafting too. The bright colors sure make this butterfly pop!

Paracord Macrame Butterfly
Andrea Anderson

If you are new to paracord crafting, check out our YouTube channel for a huge library of project tutorials to get your started.


: to produce through imaginative skill

To us, creating implies making something that has rarely—if ever—been done before. Take these creators for instance:

Warren Schoedel sculpted a woolly mammoth out of rebar and chicken wire. He then used over 9 miles of paracord, cut into foot-long sections, to give "Shagatha" its woolly look. Click the image to read all about how he did it.

Paracord Woolly Mammoth

Gregg Pastore of Surf City Paracord also uses paracord as a sculpture medium. His latest "Paraborg" creations have been getting shared around Facebook a lot, and for good reason—the complexity in his figurines is absolutely astounding!

Paraborg by Surf City Paracord

A few years ago, a group of slackline adventurers called the Moab Monkeys constructed this "space net" and strung it over a canyon in Utah. It's been used for slacklining, base jumping, acro-yoga, music festivals, and even a couple weddings! These events have been prominently featured in videos by companies like Go Pro and Red Bull.

If you have a big project that involves paracord, we definitely want to hear about it!


: to fix or alter according to individual specifications

Some of the most beautiful paracord creations we've seen are those where paracord is combined with or added to other mediums to produce a professional-level piece of work.

Zipper pulls are perhaps the most popular addon to clothing and gear, but the possibilities are endless. Our customers have used paracord to make straps, attachment loops, and drawstrings for their clothing or gear.

Vest with paracord laces
Ian Emu Barkell

The customization doesn't stop there either. Take a look at some of the other things you all have customized with paracord!

Paracord Customization Projects
From LEFT to RIGHT: Treenet Willy, @srlmilk (Twitter), Tim Simko, Ryan White

So, all of this has really been to say that you inspire us. Keep making amazing things and sending us photographs. We have a fantastic community of talented artists, crafters, and adventures. We wouldn't be anything without your creativity.

If you want to send us pictures of what you make, do any of the following:

Keep up the good work. Thanks for being awesome!

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