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Celebrate Veteran's Day with Paracord

Posted by Brita on Nov 9th 2017

Celebrate Veterans Day with Paracord

It can be easy to take the rights and privileges we have as a country for granted - we don't know a life without free speech, the right to protest, and other freedoms. But, it's important to remember those who have served in our military and those who have fought to protect our rights and freedoms. Do you know anyone who has served in the military? I have friends and family members who have served and are currently serving in various branches of the military.

How does one even begin to thank a veteran for their contribution to this country? A simple "thank you" will not suffice given the circumstances these brave people have endured to protect the land of the free. Show your support this Veteran's Day by thanking the veterans around you and show your spirit year round with these Veteran's Day paracord ideas:

1. USA Theme Kits

Spend your Veteran's Day crafting patriotic projects to give to your friends, family, and local veterans to thank them for their service. 

USA Theme Paracord Kits

From left to right: PatrioticG-MenAmerica, and Freedom

2. USA Theme 550 Paracord Colors

Not into pre-made paracord kits? Need a specific color? Buy individual hanks of these patriotic theme colors to show your spirit. 

USA Theme 550 Paracord Colors

From left to right:  USA CamoM CamoRed Camo, and Urban Camo

3. USA Paracord Charms

Charms are a great way to spice up any bracelet! We have a TON of awesome USA theme charms to add to your projects. Here are my favorites:

USA Paracord Charms

4. USA Paracord Tutorials

We have a few festive tutorials for you to create a perfectly-themed bracelet to celebrate the day. 

Be sure to thank a Veteran in your life for their sacrifice and bravery to keep our country free and safe. How are you celebrating the Veterans in your life this Veteran's Day? Let us know by sharing pictures with on our  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube!

Peace, Love, and Paracord, 


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