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5 Unconventional Knotwork Instagrammers to Follow

Posted by Luke Quanbeck on Feb 12th 2021

Unconventional knotwork title

You all know that knots can be beautiful. In addition to survival quick-fixes, you guys love to construct fun keychains, high-end men's jewelry, and even animal sculptures. Generally, our customers' work revolves around paracord, but we are seeing more and more paracord artists incorporating different fiber types into their designs.

While instagram gets a bad rap as place for wannabe "influencers" to show skin for brand deals, its also a prime place to find some great art and crafting inspiration.

Paracord crafting is a pretty unique type of ropecraft, but it actually has a lot of crossover in technique with more traditional macramé. Here are 5 Instagramers that make some truly beautiful art from their string of choice.

Windy Chien

Author of The Year of Knots, Windy Chien has an inspiring Instagram feed. She has a diverse style that seems to be constantly evolving. Many of her creations are minimalistic and clean. However, she also likes to push the bounds of traditional knotwork by constructing installations that are surprisingly modern and edgy.

J D Lenzen

You might know him as one of the most famous of paracord weavers, but do you know what he has been up to since his fusion knots years? You might be surprised! He loves to wrap natural fibers (like kelp) around rocks in creative ways. His art ranges from the simple to the complex, but all of it is mesmerizing.

Olga Bezanson

Far less well known than the previous two, Wavesnme makes minimalistic designs that come across as slightly unsettling or mysterious. Her knack for making new shapes in macramé is impressive.

Eric Rieger

King of avant garde yarnwork, Hotxtea used to create, shall we say, "unsolicited" street art. He began as a graffiti artist and switched to cotton yarn, which dissolves far faster than spray paint. Since then, he has been commissioned to do a number of large-scale art installations all over the world.

Michael Fishlock

Sculpting primarily cartoon characters and flowers, Fishlock's bio says it all: "I'm parcord bonkers". His designs are. . . unconventional, but charming nonetheless. Prepare to be continually surprised with his ingenious and wacky paracord sculptures.

In addition to these, there are many other great instagrammers to follow if you want inspiration for your paracord or rope art. Who are some of your favorites?

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