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5 Reasons to Pack Paracord on Your Next Camping Trip

Posted by Luke on Jun 14th 2018

5 Reasons to take paracord camping header

There's no shortage of blog articles telling you why you need paracord in survival situations. They say, "You can use it as fishing line, or a tourniquet, or even a suture!"(if anyone has actually used paracord as a suture in the wild, I want to hear all about it!) While that may be the case, paracord can also be used in many, less dire circumstances that shouldn't get overlooked.

Even if you don't forsee yourself in being in any life or death circumstances, it's not a bad idea to carry some paracord with you. You don’t have to be a survivalist, or a surgeon for that matter, to make use of paracord on your next camping trip or outdoor excursion. Here are some ways that paracord can make your next camping trip more enjoyable.

For Hands-Free Hiking

Paracord as a gear tie.

Ideally, all of your gear will fit into one backpack. What? You say you packed in a suitcase? Are you even camping? Anyway, sometimes not everything fits, or you want to keep certain things out for easy access. Enter paracord. Whether for lashing your sweatshirt to the top of your bag, or for making a water bottle holder because you managed to overlook that detail when buying your backpack, paracord is an all-'round handy piece of equipment to have with you. I've seen people make everything from cell phone holders to wallets out of the stuff.

For a Rainy Day

Paracord for making shelter.

Camping must be where the phrase "saving it for a rainy day" came from. If you've been camping before, you know it rains a majority of the time. If you haven't ever been camping before, trust me.

Paracord has many rainy day applications, from securing your tent's rain fly as the clouds start to dump on you, to setting up a clothesline the next day for drying out your tent and soaked sleeping bag.

Because You Will Get Hungry

paracord to keep your food, and you, safe.

Depending on where you are camping, bears are a very real danger. If you do much tent camping, you know that you should not keep food with you in the tent at night. Instead, in many circumstances, it is best to keep it secured in a "bear bag." Use paracord to hoist your cooler or barrel off the ground. A hanging bear bag will keep you, and your food, safer through the night.

For "Emergencies"

Paracord as a shoelace.

Sure, maybe you will get stuck in the wild and need to unravel your paracord bracelet to tie your survival knife onto a stick as a hunting spear, but that's pretty unlikely. I'm talking about some lesser emergencies. Ones where the only thing in danger is your enjoyment of nature.

Such as a broken shoelace. Fixing it with paracord will only take a minute and will prevent your loose shoes from giving you blisters.

Sigh… Yes, paracord can fix broken flip-flops too.

Because You Will Always Forget Something

paracord belt instructions

No matter how many times I go through my mental checklist before heading off on a trip, I always seem to forget something. On our latest trip, my wife and I brought one cloth belt between the two of us. (I won't say who forgot to bring one.) I, being the chivalrous husband, let my wife use it. We could have been in a lot better shape if I had brought paracord like I considered doing. Paracord belts are great if you have the time to make one, otherwise a single cord will do in a pinch.

Forgotten items that can be replaced by paracord:

  • Clothesline
  • Laundry bag
  • Entertainment when you are stuck in your tent on a rainy day.
  • Fishing stringer
  • Extra underwear… you might be on your own with that one.

It's okay to forget some things, just don't forget paracord on your next camping trip.

Have you ever had a situation when you have needed paracord while camping or traveling? Let us know in the comments. Serious or funny stories are both welcome!

Remember, commenting will enter you to win free paracord. It's that easy! Last week's winners, Ali Floyd and Kyle Linder can attest to that!

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