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5 Bracelets to make with Micro Cord

Posted by Lauri on Jul 28th 2017

5 Bracelets to make with micro cord

Do you have clothes you almost never wear, but can't bear to get rid of? What about Cobra bracelets?

If you're like me, you have a drawer full of them from when you first started crafting and just can't part with. I also like doing a cobra/solomon sometimes because it's an easy way to do something with your hands that you don't really have to pay attention to. 

With clothes, you can give it a new look by hemming up a dress, cutting sleeves off a shirt, or making long pants into shorts. You can give a new look to a paracord bracelet too. Add some micro cord to it and it's a brand new bracelet! 

I love crafting with micro cord because you get a totally different style of bracelet and can make them themed for events and holidays in a unique way. All you need to do any of these bracelets is  550 paracordMicro Cord, and the right fid

Here are 5 bracelets you can make or rejuvenate with micro cord: 

#1 Laced Solomon 

This one is quite an easy design but can make a cobra bracelet or key chain look even cooler. This is also a really easy way to mix and match colors for a personalized look. 

#2 Center Stitched

This is a neat one to do with a fishtail, double fishtail, or trilobite. You can make it baseball or softball themed since the micro cord laces resembles the stitching on the balls. But it's also a fun one to do just to make an old fishtail bracelet come alive. 

#3 Twisting Friendship 

This isn't one to add to a current bracelet but to make entirely out of micro cord ( nano cord and micro cord would both work as well). Very easy and makes a nice and dainty bracelet! 

#4 Heart Stitched

Perfect for Valentine's Day, an anniversary or just to show your love for your significant other. 

#5 Herringbone

This one is the most intricate of the examples here, but still not too difficult to accomplish. I love the look this bracelet finishes with and a great one to mix and match colors! 

What would you add to this list?

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Happy Cording, Lauri

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