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10 Things you can do with less than 5ft of Paracord

Posted by Lauri on Apr 7th 2017

10 Uses for Less than 5ft of ParacordWe all know how awesome 550 paracord is. It is truly one of the most diverse survival items out there. From clothing repairs to injury to fashion to quick home fixes, paracord can really be used for just about anything. It's known for its strength, durability, and plethora of uses; but what are some of the uses if you don't have much cord? Accessories and survival fixes are just a couple of the areas it can be used for, but there are so many more. Here are 10 things you can do with less than 5 feet of paracord:

#1 Zipper Pull this is something simple you can do with just a few inches of paracord on your jacket, sweaters, and backpacks! Click here to see how to make your own Zipper Pull.

Paracord Zipper Pull

#2 Key Chain - for this handy DNA paracord keychain, all you need is a clasp (or leave a loop) and about a foot of paracord per inch of keychain. This is a very easy way to use up some scrap cord!

#3 Pen Grip this is simply wrapping paracord around the pen with a knot- easy, simple, and it grips perfectly.

Paracord pen grip

#4 Accent Cord/Awareness Ribbon with less than 5 feet of paracord you can add many different accent cords to the Cobra Bracelet. A few examples are the Thin Blue Line, Crisscrossed Solomon, Awareness Ribbon, Caged Solomon, and adding a heart. You can find more examples on the Paracord Planet YouTube Channel.

Paracord Bracelets with accents

#5 Arm Sling If you're out camping, hunting, hiking, or anywhere and someone hurts their arm, quick thinking and a paracord bracelet can really help out!

Paracord Emergency Arm Sling

#6 Cord Protector this quick craft will help to stabilize your cord and make it last longer. This weave is simply the cobra at the end of the phone charger or headphone cord to protect it. Click here for a tutorial on the Cobra/Solomon Weave.

Charger with Paracord Protector

#7 Woggle Knot (AKA Turk's Head Knot) is a great knot to use as a scarf or neckerchief clasp or to decorate the end of a handle wrap instead of just having the ends showing to give it a higher quality look.

#8 Shoe Lace Repair Shoe laces break? Or maybe you just want to make your shoes more personal? Changing them to paracord is a quick fix, not to mention a stylish look.

Repair Shoe Laces with Paracord

#9 Fishing Lure this paracord fishing lure can be done with just 2 INCHES of paracord! 

#10 Ring Use up that last couple of feet from your bracelet and make a matching ring!

For more ideas check out this video!

What would you add to this list of things you can make with less than 5 feet of paracord? 

Paracord Love, Lauri

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