Reflective Prime - 750 Mil-Spec Paracord 150' Kit

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Mil Spec Criss-Cross Reflective 750 Paracord is exactly what you need in any situation that may come up. With a tensile strength of 750 lbs. and 100% nylon woven military grade 7 strand core, this cord can stand up to any task you throw at it. Whether it be tie-downs, rigging, lashing, & securing loose items and travel gear to your vehicle, we have the selection for you.

With its resistance to UV deterioration, mold/mildew and rot, this cord can be kept indoors, outdoors, in your garage, shed, boat or vehicle. This USA MADE Paracord is resistant to mold, mildew, UV damage and fray.

750 PARACORD kits come with three 50ft hanks giving you a total of 150 feet of paracord. The Prime kit comes with the following reflective colors: 

  • Black, Olive Drab, and Red


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